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Wool Jerseys and Ski Gear on the Racks!

Hey Folks!

We just received another shipment of awesome CyclovaXC wool jerseys.  I have S-XL on three different styles, but these always come in a limited quantity and they tend to go fast.  Believe me when I tell you that you won't want to take your wool jersey off until March.

Also, the skis are trickling out onto the shop floor.  I love it!  Now all we have to do is hope for snow!  I've had a half-dozen people tell me that they need some lessons and I'll be happy to share my meager knowledge as soon as the man-made trails are ready over at Troll hollow.  There is no better way to spend a Saturday morning than meeting up with friends to teach them how to ski.  The next generation of Birkie Warriors starts here!

Anyway, the above Jersey is called Williamette (although they just changed it to St. John's on their web page for some reason).  

Here are the other two I ordered.

We also have Ciclismo in a short sleeve version.

See you at Cyclova!

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