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2014 Salsa Beargrease and Mukluk 3 IN STOCK at Cyclova XC!

You'd be smiling too, if you were building up a sweet new 2014 Salsa Beargrease - one of the first ones available in a shop anywhere - only at Cyclova XC!

That's right - FAT BIKES are definitely in stock, in force at Cyclova XC!  We have what is likely more Salsa Fat Bikes in stock than any other shop in the Wisconsin.  Multiple size runs of the incredible value, versatile adventure Fat Bike, the Mukluk 3 - and a slow trickle of the super hot, speedy & light Carbon Beargrease!   

The Svelte 2014 Salsa Beargrease is in stock at Cyclova XC! 
Fat Bikes literally open up doors for cyclists any time of the year.  Want to explore snow packed winter trails - no problem!  Want to explore an epic frozen river bed (check the ice for safety first) - no problem!  Want to ride the icy frozen waves and sand dunes on the shores of Lake Superior - no problem!  How about racing on perfectly groomed snow at an epic ski venue like Big Rock Creek Retreat (at the Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race) or the Birkie Trail - no problem!  Lastly - these bikes will take you almost anywhere you can imagine, places a normal mountain bike can't go - soft sand, slush, ice - even backcountry hunting - these things do it all.  Adventure is yours, anytime of the year - get after it!

On top of all of these epic winter adventures, Fat Bikes are a legitimate all season, year-round bike.  Personally, I built up a 29" wheelset for my Beargrease - using the special fat bike hubs and rode my Beargrease all Summer - and it rides like a xc racing machine!    In fact, I loved it so much that I sold my xc mountain bike - leaving me with my fat bike and two wheel sets!  Swing by and talk to me about custom fat bike wheel sets, in any configuration.

Finally, if you're Fat Biking in the Winter, you'll likely need some help keeping your hands, feet, face, and other bits warm.  We have all of the solutions in stock that you'll need for your Winter cycling adventures.  All of the top products from brands like 45NRTH, Surly, Salsa, Toko, Bar Mitts, and others!  
Multiple size runs of Salsa Fat bikes await you - at Cyclova XC!  Your

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