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Chippewa 50K half off Today!

Hey Folks,
Frontrunner events is having a half-off sale to celebrate black Friday in a healthy way!  Among the events listed is the Chippewa 50k.  I've been told that this is an absolutely beautiful course for trail running.  The event is scheduled for April 26th, 2014 and we have a ton of Cyclova people signing up for this...so get on it!  If you register, let us know on our Facebook page!

We plan on doing it kind of chill with a lot of talking and walking (when I say that I mean it...there are other guys in our group who are going to HAMMER of course).

It's pretty amazing to be able to register for a marathon distance event for only $30!  Heck, at that price, you can just do half and drop out and still pay less than you would per mile for most local events.  But hurry up, I believe this sale ends either today or tomorrow...so don't wait!

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