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WI Trail Usage Survey

Photo by Ben Mullin
The WI DNR is looking for some feedback on Wisconsin trails.  I figure that it would be to the benefit of cyclists if they received a HUGE number of responses so I'd encourage all of you to fill it out (maybe it will help get some funding for other great trails :) )!  Click here to do the survey.

Be sure to mention how you like that the Gandy Dancer doesn't allow motorized vehicles.  I also mentioned how it would be nice to see some more money spent on road safety advertising designed to encourage motorists to be more courteous to cyclists.  There is a bit of a negative attitude between cyclists and motorists that needs to change.  Cyclists and motorists can certainly exist in harmony with one another, but I think it's important that the message be spread a little more loudly.  Every pedestrian, runner or cyclist you see on the shoulder of a road is somebody's kid after all.

Anyway, if you have a minute or two please fill out the survey.  It doesn't take long.

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