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2013 Solstice Chase Recap #1

Hey Folks!

More than a hundred hearty cyclists, volunteers, and spectators came to Big Rock Creek Retreat yesterday to participate in the inaugural Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race!  We had great daytime temperatures and the perfect venue.  A little bit of snow the previous day left our trail softer than we would have wished, but the cyclists powered through the powder and finished with smiles on their faces!

Before I say too much more, let me just note that results are posted here.  Of the 98 cyclists who started events we only had 68 finishers making this a certifiably TOUGH race!  So whether you finished one lap or two, our hats are off to you for making the drive, lacing 'em up, braving the cold and making our event a FANTASTIC day!  We sincerely hope all of you return next year (and you bring a friend or two!).

Speaking of next year, we'll be sending out a survey in a couple days asking for some feedback on how to make this an even better event.  We are committed to making this the Fat Bike Race of the area, and we can't do it without you!  Also, we love to hear your stories and perspectives on the Solstice Chase, so please send your photos and your writing to and I'll post it here on CyclovaXC!

I'm expecting that we'll be publishing a lot of photos from the Solstice Chase over the next couple days, but here is the first group!  Once again, thanks to all of you who participated, and thanks to all our great volunteers.  Everyone had fun, stayed safe, and made the 2013 Solstice a memorable day!
A lot of people seemed not to notice that we had indoor changing rooms available.  Keep that in mind for next year, you don't have to get ready in your car or in the parking lot.  We're already planning on adding a secure bag check for racers as well (just to give you one less thing to worry about :).
Our volunteers warm up by the fire.  I cannot thank our volunteers enough.  It's so wonderful that people are willing to give up a Saturday and come out to help us ride our bicycles and play in the snow.  It's really wonderful to have the St. Croix cycling community to call on to make great ideas come to life (although the guy on the left refused my repeated requests to perform "Wreaking Ball" by Miley Cyrus).
If you don't know about Big Rock Creek Retreat, this is the kind of riding you have to look forward to.  However, it should be noted that this is the only flat section on the course.
I tell you what...fat bikes are kind of beautiful!
Here's the lady's 42k podium.  I tell you what, I don't think anybody had as much fun out there as the lady racers.  They were so delighted by the course that it totally made our day (and the 2nd place finisher was the only racer that mentioned that the race should have been!).
All participants were issued a cowbell to create a finishing "wall of noise."

The starting area for the 42k race.  All riders wearing CyclovaXC jerseys were eligible to win a pair of Seger Socks, a prize with a value of four hundred bazillion dollars.
Our finishing area "registration is on the left....cafeteria in the middle...changing rooms are on the right..."  We had pulled pork barbecue sandwiches people...we feasted!

Still energy for a wheelie at the finish!  Awesomeness!!!
Our race winner is presented a pair of Dillinger tires donated by 45nrth for winning the first lap prime.

Ok, that's it for my photos for now!  Again, we'd love to hear your feedback.  Send photos, stories and comments to or post them below.  Mark your calendar, the Solstice belongs to us!

Click here for the 45nrth photoset on Facebook!


  1. here's my recap, hopefully I did you a solid, thanks for a good time D Rider

  2. This looks awesome, can I ask what vendor you used to print the bells? Trying to find a supplier for an upcoming race.