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"Beyond Birkie Fever" Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer (but don't pay $999.10 for it)

Here's an amusing image that I stumbled across while perusing the Amazon page for "Beyond Birkie Fever." A business with the somewhat misleading name of "Super Book Deals" is offering "Beyond Birkie Fever" for the bargain price of $999.10.  Hmmm...selling a used book for 100 times the price of a new one doesn't seem like a good business model to me, but what do I know (at least they're cheaper than the used copy which is only in "good" condition offered by "Daily Deal USA").

"Beyond Birkie Fever" does make a great stocking stuffer for the skiing or sport enthusiast in your life.  However, if you want to save $989 dollars, you should come and buy your copy at CyclovaXC (our copies are signed).  Did you see that?  We just saved you almost a thousand dollars!  There goes that excuse for not picking up a Fat Bike!

Enjoy the snow!

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