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Pre-Ride the Solstice Chase Course on 12/15/13!

Hey Folks,
We've had a lot of people inquire about pre-riding the race course, so we thought we'd have a little informal gathering and give people the tour.  This is a FREE excursion, so feel free to show up with your fat bike to ride the race course whether or not you are racing.  However this is a self-supported fun-ride with none of the amenities of the race.  It should be pretty casual...but you know how cyclists get when you put thirty of them in one place and tell them to "ride easy."

What: Solstice Chase Race Course Pre-Ride
Where: Big Rock Creek Retreat (see map on Solstice Chase page...click here)
When: Sunday December 15th at 10 AM
Procedure: Frank will meet you at the main parking lot. He says you can see 87 from the main parking lot so it should be just after the turn-off.  Then you'll roll out and see the course...it's gonna be awesome.

This is a great offering for those of you who are still on the fence about racing.  It's also good for those of you who are "working" or "out of town" or have some other lame excuse for not participating in the actual event.  See you Sunday!

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