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Winter Has Arrived!

Isn't it crazy how a day's worth of snow can totally change your perspective on life?  Boom!  It's ski season folks!  I saw a lot of you out at Trollhollow over Thanksgiving, but there's no substitute for having the regular trails open up.  The forecast looks good!  I heard they already had a snow day north of St. Croix, and the word is everyone from the Twin Cities to Eau Claire should get dumped on tonight.

Remember, it usually takes the trails a day or two to get into skiing shape after the snow hits.  This is a perfect time of year to grab your Rossignol Evo waxless skis and blaze your own trail through the arctic wonderland!  Don't expect to be able to recreate a race workout, just get out there, breathe the fresh air, and spend an hour or two sliding through the woods in the company of friends!  Keep your fingers crossed!  If we're lucky we'll wake up to two feet of beautiful, pristine, snow!

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