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Chippewa 50K half off Today!

Hey Folks,
Frontrunner events is having a half-off sale to celebrate black Friday in a healthy way!  Among the events listed is the Chippewa 50k.  I've been told that this is an absolutely beautiful course for trail running.  The event is scheduled for April 26th, 2014 and we have a ton of Cyclova people signing up for this...so get on it!  If you register, let us know on our Facebook page!

We plan on doing it kind of chill with a lot of talking and walking (when I say that I mean it...there are other guys in our group who are going to HAMMER of course).

It's pretty amazing to be able to register for a marathon distance event for only $30!  Heck, at that price, you can just do half and drop out and still pay less than you would per mile for most local events.  But hurry up, I believe this sale ends either today or tomorrow...so don't wait!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hug Your Family!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  Don't worry about eating too much because we'll all be heading out to Trollhaugen soon to work it off!  Enjoy your families and DON'T do any shopping today or tomorrow (and if you do go shopping, don't by anything electronic...electronic things just take away from your cycling/skiing/running time!).

Enjoy that turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!

Snow Report From West Yellowstone, MT - It's Good, Really Good!

The Cyclova XC crew has been all smiles, all week in West Yellowstone, MT!

It all began on Saturday morning, at 4:30AM.  A hearty group of 4 gathered in St. Croix Falls - to make the annual trip to West Yellowstone, MT.  We were on the road by 5 - stopped a few times to eat and for fuel - and arrived in West Yellowstone, MT by 9:40 PM Saturday evening.  We made good time on perfect, dry roads - with temps ranging from about +10'F to -8'F.

Our mission:  To ski perfect early season snow, enjoy the crisp mountain air, and hang out with several thousand of our closest Nordic skiing friends.  In short - live the dream!  Thus far, we have exceeded our mission goals, and are having a grand time!

Duane and I (Frank) have spent much time embedded with ski industry companies, and will be taking the latest info from the World Cup and top ski industry companies back with us to St. Croix Falls - to better serve you - all of our wonderful clients at Cyclova XC.  

Following are a few photo highlights from our trip thus far...

The Rendezvous Trail Head - along with new warming chalet in West Yellowstone, MT!  

Perfect trail conditions, incredible scenery (see the mountains in the background), and LOTS of snow are about here!

Steve went on a little drive and drove by numerous high mountain lakes such as this!  This IS beautiful country, Big Sky Country!

Event Calendar

Hello Everyone,
I decided to put together a very basic calendar of significant local events.  Obviously there are a lot of smaller events that happen throughout the year, but these are the main ones that you're going to find CyclovaXC people at.  Obviously I couldn't put a specific date for each one of these events (as calendars change every year), but I listed approximately when these events take place.  Hopefully this calendar will give a few of you some new ideas for cool events to try out.

I'm sure I missed a couple, so feel free to chime in in the comments below, or send me an email at: bj@cyclovaxc.com.

Happy racing!

3rd weekend Solstice Chase

2nd weekend in January

1st Weekend Badger State Games

2nd Weekend Pre-Birkie

3rd Weeekend Finlandia Ski Marathon

1st Weekend River View Loppet

2nd weekend Pepsi Challenge

3rd weekend Giant's Ridge Fat Bike Race

3rd weekend Gravel Mammoth Classic

4th weekend Strada Fango

3rd weekend in May
Almanzo 100

1st weekend City of trails 5k and 10k

2nd-3rd weekend GRABAAWR

3rd-4th weekend RAGBRAI

1st Weekend Firehouse Fifty

1st Weekend Sasquatch 25k


3rd weekend Solstice Chase

2014 Salsa Beargrease and Mukluk 3 IN STOCK at Cyclova XC!

You'd be smiling too, if you were building up a sweet new 2014 Salsa Beargrease - one of the first ones available in a shop anywhere - only at Cyclova XC!

That's right - FAT BIKES are definitely in stock, in force at Cyclova XC!  We have what is likely more Salsa Fat Bikes in stock than any other shop in the Wisconsin.  Multiple size runs of the incredible value, versatile adventure Fat Bike, the Mukluk 3 - and a slow trickle of the super hot, speedy & light Carbon Beargrease!   

The Svelte 2014 Salsa Beargrease is in stock at Cyclova XC! 
Fat Bikes literally open up doors for cyclists any time of the year.  Want to explore snow packed winter trails - no problem!  Want to explore an epic frozen river bed (check the ice for safety first) - no problem!  Want to ride the icy frozen waves and sand dunes on the shores of Lake Superior - no problem!  How about racing on perfectly groomed snow at an epic ski venue like Big Rock Creek Retreat (at the Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race) or the Birkie Trail - no problem!  Lastly - these bikes will take you almost anywhere you can imagine, places a normal mountain bike can't go - soft sand, slush, ice - even backcountry hunting - these things do it all.  Adventure is yours, anytime of the year - get after it!

On top of all of these epic winter adventures, Fat Bikes are a legitimate all season, year-round bike.  Personally, I built up a 29" wheelset for my Beargrease - using the special fat bike hubs and rode my Beargrease all Summer - and it rides like a xc racing machine!    In fact, I loved it so much that I sold my xc mountain bike - leaving me with my fat bike and two wheel sets!  Swing by and talk to me about custom fat bike wheel sets, in any configuration.

Finally, if you're Fat Biking in the Winter, you'll likely need some help keeping your hands, feet, face, and other bits warm.  We have all of the solutions in stock that you'll need for your Winter cycling adventures.  All of the top products from brands like 45NRTH, Surly, Salsa, Toko, Bar Mitts, and others!  
Multiple size runs of Salsa Fat bikes await you - at Cyclova XC!  Your

Ladies' Group Activity: Zulma's Latin Dance Workout!

Hey Ladies!

We've decided to mix up our women's group activities and have one on Saturday morning rather than Thursday evening.  This week we'll be having Zulma's Latin Dance workout at the shop on November 16th at 9 AM.  For those of you who don't know, Zulma's Latin dance workout is the real deal.  Zulma is originally from Lima, Peru where Salsa dancing is the core feature of any social gathering.  But don't be intimidated, Zulma loves to walk novices through basic steps, and she is very much opposed to the elitist attitude she has noticed among dance instructors in the US.

This is guaranteed to be a fun time.  It's going to be a great workout as well as a chance to meet some marvelous local ladies who are interested in fitness.  Sorry guys, this is a Ladies only event!

Again, it's November 16th at 9AM.  Be sure to sign up on the Facebook Event!  See you there!

This is a FREE event :)

Will Armstrong's Doping Kill Him?

I didn't intend to write an article about Lance Armstrong today, but I was sitting around and this question occurred to me.  What will be the health consequences of Armstrong's doping?  I mean, one of the reasons that doping is illegal is purportedly for the health of the cyclists.  However, I think it's pretty revealing that, at least to my knowledge, nobody has even mentioned whether or not Armstrong has done irreparable harm to his physiology.  Oprah is supposed to be a humanitarian, did she ask him?  Did I miss it?

Every time I consider the Armstrong situation, the problem becomes more complicated.  Remember Armstrong's whole doping regimen came from Dr. Michele Ferrari, and in some ways it appears Ferrari was using Armstrong as a human guinea pig in order to produce a "super serum" like what Marvel Comics conceived of to create Captain America (and if LeMond's assertion that Armstrong was otherwise only a "top 30" Tour rider...then Ferrari did indeed come close to succeeding).  

You have to be a little worried about a Dr. who is demonstrably void of ethics, and the fact that Ferrari was perfectly willing to assist Armstrong in cheating at the Tour and defrauding his sponsors of tens of millions of dollars shows the guy has no ethics.

Did the following conversation ever take place?

Armstrong: Hey doc, is this stuff...you know...safe?

Ferrari: Sure, sure, sure, perfectly safe.

Back in the 90s the NFL had a doping scandal when Lyle Alzado died of brain cancer which he asserted came from his prolonged use of steroids (incidentally, maybe that admission should get his Super Bowl XVIII win vacated).  Is it possible that in the next five to ten years we're going to have to watch Armstrong waste away and perish?  Are all the great Tour riders of the last 20 years going to start dropping like flies?

You also have to wonder if Armstrong's original and very public battle with testicular cancer might have been a result of prevalent doping early in his career.  Could it be that the suffering Armstrong recounted in "It's Not About the Bike" is only the beginning for this man?

I've talked to a lot of people recently who seem to think that Armstrong should be receiving more harsh punishments for his actions.  However, isn't it a very real possibility that Armstrong might suffer a premature death because of his actions?

Armstrong has been declawed to the point where he really can't do anyone any more harm.  However, I wonder if the same can be said for predatory doctors with syringes filled with dubious contents who aspire to transform the next aspiring athlete into a genetically altered champion.  Put it this way,  who are you more worried about as the parent of an athlete?  Lance Armstrong, or some nameless doctor trying to peddle the next "undetectable" doping plan to a pro team?

I suppose it is pretty reasonable to look at Armstrong from the outside and feel like there is something wrong with the fact that he is yet in possession of tremendous, ill-gotten wealth.  However, it's important to recognize that every action in your life has a consequence no matter what the human community decides is "right" or "wrong." Only time will tell what the consequence of Armstrong's doping is going to be.  I hope it's not the same fate that befell other dopers like Lyle Alzado or Tom Simpson.  Only time will tell...

I'd be curious to hear other people's comments on this.

2013 Solstice Chase Registration Now Open

Online registration for the 2013 Solstice chase is now open, click here to go to registration.  For more information on the event itself, go to www.SolsticeChase.com

Alternatively you can register by downloading this form and sending it with a check made payable to CyclovaXC to:

Cyclova XC – Attn: Solstice Chase 
PO Box 187 
St Croix Falls, WI 54024

Hurry up! The event is limited to 300 participants and the price goes up to $45 on 12/12/2013.  See you on your Fat Bike!

WI Trail Usage Survey

Photo by Ben Mullin
The WI DNR is looking for some feedback on Wisconsin trails.  I figure that it would be to the benefit of cyclists if they received a HUGE number of responses so I'd encourage all of you to fill it out (maybe it will help get some funding for other great trails :) )!  Click here to do the survey.

Be sure to mention how you like that the Gandy Dancer doesn't allow motorized vehicles.  I also mentioned how it would be nice to see some more money spent on road safety advertising designed to encourage motorists to be more courteous to cyclists.  There is a bit of a negative attitude between cyclists and motorists that needs to change.  Cyclists and motorists can certainly exist in harmony with one another, but I think it's important that the message be spread a little more loudly.  Every pedestrian, runner or cyclist you see on the shoulder of a road is somebody's kid after all.

Anyway, if you have a minute or two please fill out the survey.  It doesn't take long.