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ADVENTURE & TECH SOCIAL NIGHT TOMORROW: Thursday, 23 January - Paddling Dunes & Glide Wax Application

Join us for tales of epic adventures, tasty beverages, tech talk, and socializing with fellow outdoor folk tomorrow night!
Don't forget, tomorrow is the first in our series of "Adventure & Tech Social Nights" at Cyclova XC!  If you love hearing tales of epic adventures, tech info, enjoy top shelf beverages (for the whole family), and above all meeting your fellow outdoor enthusiasts, you don't want to miss this.  Click HERE for the link the the season schedule for all "Adventure & Tech Social" events!

Tomorrow promises to be a spectacular event!  Remember, all are welcome and these events are free to attend (with COMPLIMENTARY BEVERAGES - the beverage theme tomorrow night is "Big & Bold")!  Sometimes, attendees even bring a snack to share - this series has truly has become a community event, which we look forward to all year!  We generally get between 20 and 70 people at these events - come and be a part of it!
Duane & a friend "maneuvering" on a paddling adventure.  Photo Credit: Duane Lee
Here's the scoop on tomorrow's event:

Thursday, January 23, 2014 @ 6PM:
Adventure:  Duane Lee presents "Paddling To The Dune".  This is a short film on Duane's 2008 paddling adventure on the rugged McFarlane River in Northern Saskatchewan.  The shores of the McFarlane River boast the biggest Boreal Sand Dunes on the planet, with a variety of species of plants that are entirely unique to the area.  Don't miss out out on this epic adventure tale of Cyclova XC's own Duane Lee!
Beverage Theme:  Big & Bold
Tech:  Frank Lundeen, co-owner of Cyclova XC presents Glide Wax Application Fundamentals and beyond.  The way in which ski wax is applied is more important than the wax you put on your skis.  Learn how to maximize the time and money spent waxing your skis.  There will be plenty of time for Q & A as well!  Just in time for BIRKIE FEVER!

Kick back and enjoy tales of Cyclova XC's own Duane Lee on the Cyclova XC 17 foot big screen theater!  The show starts at 6PM!

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