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CyclovaXC Championships on February 15th!

Hey Folks!

We've decided to throw together a casual, informal race.  We're calling it the "CyclovaXC Championships" but people from all clubs are welcome to race (although you can't be declared the winner unless you're wearing something that says "CyclovaXC").

We're doing this Sasquatch Dash style which means, no support, no timing, and no fee!  Think fun and casual, just what you need a week before the Birkie!  Here are the details:

  • What: 2014 CyclovaXC Championships!  Good for bragging rights throughout the year--fun team event!
  • When: Saturday, February 15th at 8 AM--because we need time to go in and open up the shop afterwards!
  • Where: Big Rock Creek Retreat--our personal training grounds (that link goes to the Solstice Chase page, but there's a nice Big Rock map on there)!
  • How long:  Probably 21km.  Our first impulse is to follow the Solstice Chase race course, we'll probably mark it with spray paint...but that's subject to change.  Scott always does such a fine job for us on things like this that I'm sure it will be great!
  • Swag?:  Scott's come forward with some prizes already, I'm going to keep them a secret though...just show up!
  • Fee?: No, but BRC trail passes apply, and we'll leave out a coffee can for donations.
  • Crowning of the CyclovaXC Champion!--I've got Wolf making a medal for us.  I think we'll give out one medal to the first CyclovaXC suited person to cross the finish line!
Again, this should be a good-natured, low-stress tune-up before the Birkie.  It's also an opportunity to hang out with the guys, get a team photo, etc!  The Birkie is just on the horizon, and you don't want to blow up the week before the event, but this should be long enough and intense enough to keep you sharp and ready!  Afterwards, come by CyclovaXC and get a jump on getting your skis prepped for the race!  We usually start getting hammered with waxing work about then, so the earlier you get your equipment in, the better!

Cheers and see you on the 15th!  Here's the Facebook event, so please let us know you're coming!

Oh, and the "Pay-Per-View" thing?  Show up and "pay" your trail pass fee and you can "view" the race!  Awesome!

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