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Next Up, Birkie Tour and Balsam Vinterfest

I already mentioned that Balsam Vinterfest is happening in Amery on January 18th, but if you are more inclined to do a tour than a race, the Birkie Tour might be the event for you.  The Birkie tour is a great event and gets rave reviews from everyone I've talked to who has participated in it.  Essentially you get everything you get at a race (support, aid stations, etc) only it isn't timed.

This event is for:

  • People who have signed up for the Birkie and are curious about the course: Check this link to have a look at the Birkie Tour course.  The event doesn't follow the whole Birkie trail from Cable to Hayward, but you're on the Birkie trail for a lot of the event and it will certainly give you an idea of the terrain you're in for at the Birkie.  If you can ski the Birkie Tour, you can ski the Birkie--guaranteed!
  • People who like the social component of ski racing, but not the crazy competitive side: Hey, we all know what it's like when "Birkie Fever" starts setting in.  You start revving up your motor and frantically searching for the ski pole you've got clenched in your hand (or something sillier).  Let's face it, a ticking clock brings out the best in us in some cases and...well, let's just say another side of us.  There is a definite allure to experiencing the Birkie trail and all it has to offer, but without the ticking clock!
  • People who are new to marathon skiing: This is a low pressure event so it's a great way to get out there and enjoy a very tough physical activity under the best circumstances possible.
  • People who love the Birkie Trail and can't miss an opportunity to compete on it:  Folks, the Birkie trail is the gem of the north and we're very lucky to have it.  They have the best set of groomers in the area, and they make every effort to have picture perfect, world class groomed snow.  The best way to squeeze the most you can out of a day is to spend it on the Birkie trail!
I really appreciate that the Birkie office holds an event like this.  It's great for those groups of skiers out there that are either new to ski racing, or who have done enough of it that it has lost its draw.  The Birkie tour is also a nice excuse to go and spend a day with your skiier friends who compete at different speeds than you tend to ski.  All in all, this is a great idea for further promoting the sport of cross-country skiing!  Go and check it out!

For more information or to register for the Birkie Tour, click here.
For even more information (a recent press release) click here.

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