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Carcelen Completes Olympic Course with Broken Ribs

Me with Roberto in Peru (2012)
After some recent ugliness involving two members of the Peruvian Olympic team that refused to wear Peruvian colors at the Opening ceremonies, Roberto Carcelen has produced some positive press for the land of the Incas.  Roberto finished the 15 kilometer classical race the other day, and carried the Peruvian flag across the finish line as he did so, despite the fact that he was skiing with two broken ribs.  Leading up to the event, there was some doubt as to whether Roberto would be able to participate in the event at all, but in the end he decided that it was more important to represent his home nation, even if he wouldn't be skiing at his best.

In a heart-warming twist to the tale, when Carcelen crossed the finish line, he found Gold medalist Dario Cologna of Switzerland awaiting him with a congratulatory hug.  You can watch a video of Roberto's effort at Sochi here.

Congratulations on an admirable Olympic performance Roberto!  It's a wonderful thing to represent your nation on a world stage, and do so in a way that garners the respect and admiration of your fellow competitors!  That is the essence of the Olympic ideal!

Que Viva El PerĂº!

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