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Huddle up Green! It's BIRKIE Time!

Hello all!

Well, I bet this has been an interesting work week for you!  I know how skiers get!  This is the time of year where you spend all your time looking at the clock and thinking "T minus five days...four days...three days..." and then SNAP!!!  all at once it's Birkie Time!  The most glorious day of the year!

That frenzy starts to hit hard, and despite a year's preparation, it's surprisingly easy to do something stupid in the final stretch and miss out on the major event you circled on your calendar (like forgetting to bring your skis to the start of the race...seriously folks, I've seen it happen!).  That's why we put together the famous CyclovaXC Birkie Checklist so that you can just follow a list and not have to think on the days leading up to the Birkie.  Always remember, the mantra of the day is "Skis...boots...poles!" bring those three things and you'll be able to finish!

The 2014 Birkie is going to bring some changes to the great race.  Telemark is boarded up, and we'll no longer be able to conglomerate at the wall of champions (here's our race reports from last year with a bunch of pictures).  Apparently there are going to be "heated tents" which I'm sure will be great because you know how warm tents get when they're heated...

Yes...mild trepidation, don't like my routine messed with.

The forecast is looking solid.  Thankfully we won't have to deal with a 30 degree day (after all these -15 races, I think we'd have heat stroke in a 30 degree race).  I've seen snow in the forecast and a daytime high of 15, but you never know until you get up there.  Always remember that the Birkie starts earlier than other races in the area, so it's good to err on the side of cold with your wax.  As always, Frank put up a preemo wax tip which if you follow to the letter will get you super fast skis (he lists a recommendation for all the major wax brands so check it out).

I guess team green is going to have to look for one another at the big party tent.  I'm looking forward to it.  I think my favorite time of the year is the wait just before the Birkie.  Everybody is happy, everybody is excited, and everybody is fit and ready to go after a hard year of training, racing, and team fun!  It seems like a lot of our members have been fighting colds over the last week, but things tend to come together on Birkie day!  I'm looking forward to hearing your individual stories about the race.  It's your adventure, and everyone's story is worth hearing!  Send your pics and write-ups to bj@cyclovaxc.com!

Oh, and now's a great time to reread "Beyond Birkie Fever" as well!  Go Green! Go Birkie!

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