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Reminder: CyclovaXC Championships on Saturday, Feb. 15h 8AM

Hey Folks,
Just a reminder about our little FREE race and Birkie tune-up taking place at Big Rock Creek this Saturday, Feb. 15th.  We're planning on racing at 8 AM and according to the forecast, it's going to be a beautiful day!

Make sure you register on our Facebook event to let us know to keep our eyes out for you!

Again, all are welcome, but this is an unsupported, semi-casual race (if that's possible).  The idea is to provide a final Birkie tune-up without burning you out too much for race day.

If you don't know where Big Rock Creek is, there is a map on this page.

I'll be out marking the course on Friday, but unless I encounter some major issues, it will be the following:
To explain it:
We'll go out up that trail that goes along the river and then take a right.  Then we'll be going up that massive climb before turning left and following the Southern fence line before turning North and meandering back.  We will then do another loop (featuring that big hill again), before returning down the river trail to the finish area.

Afterwards, we'll all head over to CyclovaXC for a pot luck, so bring some food!

Also, bring your skis if you're planning on having CyclovaXC prepare them for the Birkie.  There are some specials going on right now, and the earlier you get your equipment in, the better!

Cheers, and see you Saturday!

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