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Announcing the New "Alternate Orange" Cyclova Cycling Kit!

Hey Folks!

We are proud to announce our new "Alternate Orange" cycling kit!  We are by no means "retiring" the green kit, but we thought it would be fun to have a new color scheme for you to mix and match your outfits.  This is designed so that you can wear the green top and orange bottoms (or vice versa) and still look killer!

We have a great deal with Mt. Borah on this which allows for us to offer the kit at a pre-order price of $140.  We will be accepting payments at the shop, but for now please send your sizes, quantities and men/women's cut preference to:  We also have some add-on options which I will get to in a bit.

My goal with designing this kit was to make the safest cycling kit ever made.  I have been cycling for 25 years and I consider it a super safe sport, but it is critical that all cyclists make themselves as highly visible to traffic as possible!  I really want to see all my cycling friends making it home safe after long rides, and a bright kit like this will aid considerably!

Example of Pixel Lite effect
In addition to being a highly-visible orange, this kit also has the Pixel lite reflective panel across the pockets which makes you stand out like a beacon in the night.

Let me sum up the features:

  • Micro Poly Fabric Jersey
  • Full-length hidden zipper
  • Fiandre pad 
  • HD comp pad upgrade available for $15
  • Bib upgrade $15
  • Killer design
  • High visibility colors
Note: A sizing kit will be available at the shop.  I'll make an announcement when the sizing kit arrives from Mt. Borah.

Again, price is $140 for the full kit, or $70 for the jersey and $70 for the shorts.  You are welcome to only order the shorts or jersey if you want.

This is a pre-order price, and extras will be available at the shop for $160 ($80 for the jersey and $80 for the shorts).

Please let me know the sizes you want so I am sure to have a jersey for you when the shipment comes in.  Send the following info to
  • Size
  • Quantity
  • Men's cut or Women's cut
  • Any required upgrades
Thanks everyone!  I'm PSYCHED for the upcoming AWESOME cycling season!

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