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Sasquatch Dash Trail Run Series 2014

What is the Sasquatch Dash?

The Sasquatch Dash is a FREE, no-frills trail running series to show off some of the awesome terrain of the St. Croix Valley as well as provide an economical way to get some high intensity workouts. Everyone is welcome, but these are casual events on non-closed courses—so it's up to you to be on your best behavior. There will be 6 unsupported (this is why it's free) events ranging in length from 5 miles to 25km. All participants will be required to sign a waiver. Look folks, our race series is named after Sasquatch, don't expect to be coddled out there—if you want something to drink you better carry a water bottle; if you want to know your time you better be wearing a watch; if you want to know where you're going—you better keep up with the guy/gal in the lead (presuming s/he knows).

Series Rules:

Points are earned based on overall placing at each run for men and women. 1st-20, 2nd-15, 3rd-12, 4th-10, 5th-9,...13th and beyond-1. Points will be doubled for the 25k series finale.

2014 shirt will be a different color
The finish line will be a clipboard with a pen tied to it. Participants will be required to fill in their name on the sheet in their finishing order.

Your series score is the sum of your best 4 scores from the run series plus bonus points.

You can also earn 10 bonus points by pre-ordering our series T-shirt or 5 points by buying it after the pre-order period. To pre-order, simply send your name and size to by 4/15/14. Pre-order price is $15, after that it's $20.

Additionally you can earn 5 bonus points for participation in any of the following local events:


Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 men and women in the overall series. Prizes are going to be awesome...once we decide what they are.

Event Details:

Start time is 9:00 AM

Course marking will be cue sheets and GPX files you can upload to your GPS device. Keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts about the specific races, or follow us on Facebook.

Individual Event Details (future race locations will be announced with the results of the previous race):

Run 1:
Date: May 10th
Location: Wert Preserve
Meet at: CyclovaXC

Run 2:
Date: May 24th
Location: WI Interstate Park
Meet at: CyclovaXC
Facebook Event

Run 3:
Date: June 14th
City of Trails 5k or 10k
We are terrible schedulers folks.  We had originally scheduled the 3rd installment for this date and then realized it was the City of Trails 5k and Rock N' River 10k Trail Run.  We don't want to make people choose so we are going to make those races part of the series.  But since it is a paid event (but only $20!!) and not under our control (but we trust Amy) we are going to just offer bonus points for this one. 10 points for finishing the 10k and 5 points for finishing the 5k.  Just let Ben ( know so we can check your results and tally your points.

Run 4:
Date: July 26th
Location: TBD

Run 5:
Date: August 23rd
Location: TBD
Description: Stay tuned for the details, but this run may be a handicapped race based on previous results.  This could be your chance to win the event and the associated points even if have finished last in every previous event!

Run 6:
Date: September 13th
Location: Race Course Information here
Distance: 25k.


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