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100 Mile Course Course Report Part II: 2014 Mammoth Gravel Classic

An epic sunset was enjoyed while out scouting the Mammoth Gravel Classic Course last night!  Here you can see the famed "Sand Barrens" sand!
As reported last week, the 100 mile Mammoth Gravel Classic Course is in great shape - and firmer than typical.  The frost is out on 99.9% of the course and there is a good amount of moisture present - resulting in a much firmer than normal course - fast!

As stated previously, I only recommend riding the course with 700 x 40 tires or wider on a gravel / cross bike (a 29er MTB works too).  You also must have a navigation plan, as this 100 rugged mile course will take you dozens of miles from anywhere, and is a real adventure.  You'll go 19 miles at one point, never seeing a road - only fire lanes.  GPS navigation is best, or at very least, you'll need a cycling computer and que sheets (to be posted shortly).

As I take a break from prepping the course, I thought I'd throw up a few more pictures for you riders to enjoy, as you prepare for the event...

At mile 23.5, you'll take a left onto the Bear Track Fire Lane - the beginning of a 19 mile stretch of fire lanes.  Here, you'll find unencumbered wilderness and true bicycle adventure!
Despite all of the snow and extreme cold this past winter, the course is 99.99% snow free!  There are only short stretches of snow remaining like pictured above - almost all of which are easily ridden around.

Rugged, beautiful, inspiring...  These are a few words that come to mind when in the Sand Barrens.  Above is a scene typical of the fire lane section of the 100 mile course.

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