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COURSE REPORT: 70 Mile Mammoth Gravel Classic

The Mammoth Gravel Classic course is filled with a plethora of surfaces - splendor for gravel adventure riders!

Last night was another late night of course marking, but under a full (and eclipsing moon), in an epic place of rugged beauty!  Here's a report fresh off the course, for folks doing the 70 mile MGC... 

The 70 mile Mammoth Gravel Classic course is in great shape - with the famous sand pits of the Barrens being firmer than usual due to the moisture in the sand.  The precipitation forecasted for Wednesday should further help this cause.  The paved sections are unchanged from last year.  The only possible issue may be the Gandy Dancer State Bike Trail, which is relatively soft and has sections of snow on it.  We hope this section will firm up yet this week (or maybe freeze) - in any case, we will keep you updated here at and on the Mammoth Gravel Classic Facebook Page

As stated previously, I only recommend riding the course with 700 x 40 tires or wider (such as the Clement MSO 700 x 40 - in stock at Cyclova XC) on a gravel / cross bike (a 29er MTB works too).  You also must have a navigation plan, as this 70 rugged mile course will take you miles from anywhere, and is a real adventure.  GPS navigation is best, or at very least, you'll need a cycling computer and que sheets (to be posted shortly).

As I take a break from prepping the course, I thought I'd throw up a few more pictures for you riders to enjoy, as you prepare for the event...

1)  For FULL INFO on the Mammoth Gravel Classic weekend of events, go to
2)   For the detailed mile by mile chronicle of the 70 mile course (including maps, GPX files, and soon que sheets), CLICK HERE.
3)  For up to the minute info on the Mammoth Gravel Classic, check out the EVENT FACEBOOK PAGE.

Some of the sandy sections of the course are remarkably dry.  The forecasted snow may help to firm this stuff up.
There are wet sections of sand, but they are all short lived, and not to be concerned about.
The most rugged section of road on the 70 mile course (Johnson Rd) is partially covered in snow, but easily rideable.
A few short sections of "Barrens Quick Sand" like this illustrate the importance of riding a 700x40 tire or wider.

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