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Gravel Adventure Social Event / Presentations on 4/18/2014: Josh Stamper on Gravel Conspiracy & Ben Mullin on GPS Navigation & Training

Join us and dozens of your closest gravel riding friends for tales of gravel adventure, details on the 2014 Gravel Conspiracy, and a how to presentation on GPS training & navigation - with presentations on our 17 foot big screen!
Gravel season is drawing very near - in fact the Mammoth Gravel Classic 35, 70, and 100 mile adventure ride is coming up THIS WEEKEND - hosted by Cyclova XC in St. Croix Falls!  As part of the festivities, we're welcoming one of the "Godfather's of Gravel" (Joshua Stamper) and a GPS tech expert Ben Mullin to do presentations at Cyclova XC - Adventure & Tech Social Night style! 

You don't want to miss this Gravel Rider's social dream of camaraderie with fellow gravel enthusiasts, gravel presentations on our big screen, and quality beverages!  

When:  Friday, April 18 starting at 6PM
Where:  Cyclova XC Retail Store, 112 North Washington Street, St. Croix Falls, WI  54024

Joshua Stamper will be our first presenter on Friday night.  Above Joshua does the pre start announcements of the first Gravel Conspiracy Northwoods Adventure.
Joshua Stamper, founder of The Gravel Conspiracy will kick off our presentations at 6.  Josh will share many of the epic gravel adventures he's experienced on his own & with friends.  Josh will talk specific plans on this year's Gravel Conspiracy Northwoods Adventure, which is sure to be epic, fun, and memorable for all involved.  If you're into general adventuring, exploring wilderness, gravel, or cycling - or interested in doing this year's Gravel Conspiracy (!from Canada to Duluth, really!) you absolutely don't want to miss this! 

Guest appearances will also be made by numerous Team Cyclova XC members who are veterans of the Gravel Conspriacy.  A few photos will be shown, not to mention ridiculous (and perhaps embarrassing or even scary stories)!

Benjamin Mullin, of team Cyclova XC will present "Training With GPS Enabled Devices:  Anecdotes, Tips, and Suggestions".
After Josh's presentation and a bit of mingling, Ben will pic up the Tech portion of our presentations with his presentation, "Training With GPS Enabled Devices: Anecdotes, Tips, and Suggestions".
He will give a brief overview of what training with GPS can do for you based on my personal experiences.  Ben will be bouncing back and forth between my power point and my training log and a few places on the internet.  We can also speak to navigation of the Mammoth Gravel Classic courses using a GPS device, if there is interest.

Dinner:  Join us in celebrating the soon to open Bistro On St. Croix - a gourmet restaurant in the St. Croix Valley which will open in the coming weeks.  Their parent restaurant, Tangled Up In Blue (across the river in Taylors Falls) has put together a very special menu, perfect for hungry cyclists at amazing prices.  After the presentations, at Cyclova, join us for a special dinner prepared by Chef Jeff Halverson.  CLICK HERE for the special event menu, the kitchen will be open until 9:30PM.  

If you're traveling to the event, plan on taking advantage of the rare opportunity to camp at Big Rock Creek Retreat (and enjoy all of the special things happening out there this weekend), or any of the other local campgrounds or hotels mentioned on the main Mammoth Gravel Classic page

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