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What's Today's Adventure?

Adios 2014 ski season, may you live in infamy forever!
Hey Folks!

Well, the weather has finally shown some signs of changing which is great, although I rather lament the fact that we didn’t have any of those “sweet spot” 20-30 degree days for skiing this year. Still, I’ll take the occasional 40 or 50 degree day with a blinding sun after a winter of more -10 days than I can remember.

Even Tommy K has probably put the storage wax on his skis by now. You can probably still get some solid skiing in up on the Birkie trail, but without the specter of a major event looming on the horizon, it’s hard to focus on skiing. Especially when there are so many other major adventures just around the corner [note: now I see a major blizzard is projected for this Thursday, so we'll see].

The American Birkebeiner is definitely the race upon which the calendar pivots for me. My aspirations in that race (solidly dashed this year—but gloriously so that makes it OK) are what provide me with motivation to do all the other events on the calendar. For some of you the big events are Almanzo, or the Gravel Conspiracy, or the Chippewa 50k, or the Fat Tire Festival, or the Woolly race—and you know what? I love hanging out with people as we get close to their preferred event and their enthusiasm becomes contagious.

Just try hanging around Mark when it’s Mt. Bike season, or chat with Kristen and Jevans about Almanzo, or Eric T. about marathons and tell me you aren’t inspired to sign up and try those events yourself. That enthusiasm is what keeps this whole marvelous machine rolling. The fact is, it’s HARD to go out there and run a marathon or ride a century or ski thirty-one miles when it’s fifteen degrees below zero.

And you know what else? It’s easier to do these competitive events if you have a bit of an edge—which is why I like to playfully antagonize some of you (even though such behavior makes Frank nervous). For example, I just know that Keith is going to enjoy dropping the hammer on me a little more this bike season because I’ve been giving him a hard time about being a Vikings fan. The edge sharpens us all (#aaronrodgers).

We all need something to help us pull on our sport clothing and get out the door, which is odd because the day is always exponentially better when you’ve partaken in some kind of adventure. Whether it’s an hour run in the morning, or an ultra-marathon in the afternoon, doing something keeps your world spinning in the most positive way. Completing these achievements with friends just magnifies that experience once again.

So, I’m excited to move on from the 2013/2014 ski season and into the summer of ‘14. The calendar is full of events like the Sasquatch Dash, The Gandy marathon, and the Solstice Chase. Some of these things are radical experiences that will take you so far out of your comfort zone that it’ll blow your mind. Why not do them? Why not experience new things that you can’t possibly imagine? Have some adventures! If you get in over your head just keep your eyes peeled for a Cyclova jersey. We won’t be able to bail you out, but we’ll happily suffer at your side! We’ll see you on the trails and on the roads in the summer of ‘14!

(Seriously though...the Birkie is the most epic, I mean look at that ice beard! It’s like I'm on a grail quest!)

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