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2014 Sasquatch Dash #1 Results

Race one is in the books and what a way to start of the 2014 series!  The morning dawned bright and sunny, the temps quickly warmed to a perfect running temperature, and the valley looked fantastic.  When I rolled into the shop at 8:30 it was already a packed house with the largest turnout for any Sasquatch event yet.  Waivers were signed, an orderly line for the bathroom formed and progressed, the course was announced, and we rolled on up to the Overlook to get the race started.

Next time someone needs to be in charge of getting a group picture organized before the start.
Talk about a lot of positive energy flowing before the start.  25 people on the line plus a fair contingent of spectators.  I think the race went extremely well.  I heard quite a few comments about how great the course was, in spite of the hills.  I think it is possible we even managed to not have anyone get lost on the course for the first time ever.

This was a great start and I hope to see everyone out there again in two weeks plus the people who couldn't make this one.  The course is still TBD at this point, but the SOC (squatch organizing committee) is working hard on it and keep an eye here and on Facebook for details soon.

Enough chit chat, down to the results.  Last year's reigning hesquatch champion Alex was back to defend his title.  He won every race he participated in last year.  Unfortunately for him, hot shot graduating high schooler Carson toed the line today.  Looks like the defending champ might have his work cut out for him.  Just one note for Carson for next time though... first guy to the clipboard gets the points.  I let it slide this time.

Hesquatch results #1.
On the ladies side we had a record turn out.  We had six women total in six races last year.  This is a very exciting development.  Keep it up ladies!  Taking home the top prize today, just two weeks removed from the Chippewa Moraine 50k was Lisa.

Shesquatch results #1.
After one race, the series scoring is still pretty swamped by the pre-order bonus points for the t-shirts.  Remember, the final scoring will be the top 4 race points plus any bonus points (10 pre-order shirt, 5 post-order shirt, 5 points for running the William O'Brien 10 mile race).  Here is how the scoring is shaking out so far.

Hesquatch overall after 1 race.

Shesquatch overall after 1 race.
See you all in two weeks.  And don't forget to hit up one of the local establishments for recovery calories after the race... can you say bacon covered caramel roll?

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