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Bob Barabe Memorial Time Trial May 17th--Dan Woll at St. Croix Library May 8th

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Bob rode many events in Northwestern WI, and was a founding member of the Hudson based Big Ring Flyers team, an offshoot of the iconic Osceola Lumber Co., and Art Doyle's bike team of the 1980's.  Also on tap is the Frederic Lions Bicycle Classic TT on June,14  Excellent opportunities for spinning class enthusiasts and tri-racers to get out on the road, bike racing without the pack riding element.  Click on the above image to enlarge for details.

Also, be sure to catch Dan Woll at the St. Croix Library on May 8th.  Dan Woll is a Big Ring Flyer and rides WiSport events among other ventures.  Dan is the author of North of Highway 8.  For more information, click here.

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