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Sasquatch 2014 Run #1: Saturday May 10th

Hey Folks!

We're about to have our first Sasquatch run of 2014.  For all the information on the Sasquatch dash, please go to the homepage here.  Remember to be at CyclovaXC at about 8:30 AM.

Ben marked out the course with everytrail and published it here for you to check out.

I've been in contact with the folks responsible for the T-Shirt, but they haven't been clear as to whether they'll be here for the weekend.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but if not this weekend, we'll have them for next time.

Make sure you hit "join" on the Facebook Event for the run!

Remember, this is a no frills, fun run!  Looks like a lot of people are planning to come and we're looking forward to seeing you all!  Cheers!

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