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Sasquatch Update

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to give out a quick update on the 2014 Sasquatch series.  With the completion of the City of Trails race we are now 3 races into our 6 race series.  Based on the race results, shirt order bonus points, and bonus points for the City of Trails the standings are as follows.

On the men's side, with my absence and Alex' participation he pulls into the lead.  Tom Kelby also continues to surge and is now sitting tied for second.  Just two points back Sean Cudd is just waiting to pounce.  There is a bit of a gap back to 5th, but then we have a bunch of folks all crowded around 20 points.  A few more races in this could look very interesting!  Remember, the current plan is for the 5th race to be a handicapped race which could blow things wide open, the finale counts for double, and you get to drop your lowest two races.

On the ladies' side Emma Kelby has a pretty solid hold of the lead.  Then we have a great group all duking it out for 2nd through 5th.  We've had great turnout on the ladies side this year and we should be in store for a great run through the second half of the series.

So what is coming up?  Well, we were going to be offering 5 bonus points for participating in the William O'Brien 10 miler this weekend.  Unfortunately due to the wet conditions at William O'Brien they have postponed the race until September.  I was really looking forward to the race personally as a Forest Lake Nordic Alum I certainly spent enough time at that park and always like going back.  Instead I think I will be at the Milltown 5k just up the Gandy from St. Croix Falls on Saturday morning.  No bonus points but think about coming out knocking out a speed 5k anyway.  Milltown Miles

After that we have our next official Sasquatch Dash on July 26th.  Ben Jonjak is working on getting us into Big Rock Creek Retreat and maybe a few other fun things as well.  So be sure this is on your calendar and stay tuned.

My final note is to think about your fall calendar and consider the Birkie Trail Marathon (9/27/14) or the Gandy Marathon (10/11/14).  Several of us did the Birkie last year and had a blast.  I'm in for the full again this year with it being my A race.  The Gandy is a first year event and being put on by our friend Eric Olson so you know it is going to be a good time.  I'm in for the half and looking forward to seeing what I can do with a half marathon on a flat limestone course.  Both races have a price increase on 7/1 so get your registration in now!

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