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Sasquatch Dash #4 Report

Another great crowd turned out for the 4th Sasquatch Dash of 2014.  This race was held at Big Rock Creek Retreat in Remembrance of Blair Klein.  Blair was the owner of this property, and it was his vision for how that property should be preserved that is allowing us to use it as a recreational area today.

It was a sweltering hot morning just like last year's Sasquatch 25, which was great because the Pau Hana Stand-up paddleboard rep was coming a little while later to show us some boards to play with in the pond.  We headed out for the challenging, hilly route that went along the Southern fence line.  They have been doing some selective logging out in the back, so the roads were a little muddy, but not so bad that footing was dangerous.

Our route brought us back by the rustic cabin and in along the road that parallels Big Rock Creek.  Here's the map we used last year when we used this same course as a ski race.  The markings on here aren't quite the same as the route we used, but it's about 90% similar:

When we skied it last year, we did two loops before returning along the river.  Unfortunately two of our racers yesterday missed the final turn and ended up doing the big lap twice for this run as well.  They get the record for the big mileage day after putting in a 15 kilometer effort!

I'm really sorry that a couple people missed that turn (although most of them just came in to the finish area on the parallel Southern road you can see on the map).  We marked the course on Friday and then pre-rode it with people who didn't know the route to make sure it was OK.  However, the confusion came because in the morning light, the arrow that marked the "going out" route kind of bled through the paper.  When you came up on it as you were heading towards the finish, it looked like an incorrect left turn.  We'd pre-ridden the course in the evening, and without the morning sun shining through you couldn't see the problem...sigh.  If we do this route again, I'll make a couple chutes with marking tape to avoid any confusion.  Special thanks to Dallas as well for doing a sweep of the course on a fat bike!

Our series leader Alex missed the final turn, but Marcus, who was the first to sign in, conceded Alex was ahead by about a minute.  After finishing, Alex ran back out and changed a later sign in order to help send runners back in if they missed the earlier turn.  That was a heroic effort on the part of Alex, and I propose we award first place finish points to both Alex and Marcus.

After everyone was accounted for, we had the opportunity to play around on the stand-up paddle boards.
Rick got everyone going.  The poor guy was working on about 2 hours of sleep, and kept apologizing for being grumpy (although I thought he was as friendly as always).  Quite a few people stuck around to try out the boards and it felt good to get in that ice cold water after the run.

So, all in all we had another successful Sasquatch run.  I would have liked things to run a bit more smoothly, but that's the way it goes sometimes.  For the next event, Ben is planning on doing a "reverse start order" type race where the faster runners will start later and have to chase down the runners who start early.  The idea will be to have everyone finishing at more or less the same time.  Whether or not we do it this way will depend on finding an appropriate venue, but it is a fun little concept that should make for a unique running experience.

Thanks to everyone who came!  See you next time!

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