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Sasquatch 2014 Scoring Update After Race #4

Hey Folks!

Can you believe we're already 4 races into our 2014 series?  Man, the summer is going by fast!  Before you know it we'll be out there skiing in places like Big Rock Creek and all the other trails we're running on right now.

But we still have quite a bit of summer yet, and remember that it was a scorcher last year on our 25k event.  We had a hot race on the 26th and it was a blast, as always, to see all of you!  Ben just sent me the current standings, and with the points available in the last two races, there is plenty that can happen in this series.

As I mentioned previously, we awarded 1st place points to both Alex and Marcus last time since Alex was over a minute ahead (by Marcus's estimation) but ended up doing most of a second lap before returning.  He then adjusted a later sign, and the result was that other people who took a wrong turn were guided in on a parallel path that didn't add much to the overall distance.  Nice work Alex!

Without further preamble, here are the results from Sasquatch 2014 #4 (some of the times are approximate for those that were left blank):


Now here are the current overall standings:


The way our scoring works, anything can happen in this series!  The next event should really shake up the standings as well with the reverse order start--hopefully we'll be able to do that provided we find an appropriate venue (it's going to be fun!).  See you all on August 23rd!

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