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!Update from TREK WORLD 2015!

The Monday evening key note speech by Trek President John Burke, Fabian Cancellera, and others was a great way to kick off the event!
Greetings from Trek World 2015!  

Every year, I (Frank) come to Trek World to check out the coming year's hottest cycling gear - ranging from the full line of 2015 Trek bikes, all the Bontrager gear (wheels, tires, foot wear, helmets, apparel, and much more), attend seminars on best business practices, learn the nitty-gritty tech stuff, and rub elbows the the best bike shops on the planet.  I look forward to these long days which starts with meetings at 8AM, and the trade show going until midnight - yes, it's quite a party - an opportunity to make the most of!

We've been getting a ton of product inquiries on the Cyclova Facebook Group and Facebook Page, so I thought I'd share of pictures of the new 2015 product people are asking about (and some other stuff that I found really interesting).

Fabian Cancellera (near center with black shirt & dark hair, looking to the left), winner of countless Spring Classics road races, owner of many Tour de France yellow jerseys, and former World Champ was on hand to check out the new Trek Adventure bikes (920, 720, and 520 disc).  I bet he could cover the Mammoth Gravel Classic course in a hurry on one of these!  Note the Trek 720 multi-surface credit card touring bike in the front of this pic (complete with bag system that holds 6 pounds per bag, for the credit card tourist), and the new Trek 520 disc touring bike.
In what we believe will be a tremendously healthy thing for the sport, Trek is fully embracing "Bicycle Adventure".  Here they have a cool booth, showing what bicycle adventure means to many.  Bicycle Adventure is in the eye of the beholder - for some it's riding the divide, for others it's going out for a bicycle picnic - most fall somewhere in the middle! 

Here is the new Trek 920.  This is drop bar, go anywhere, touring bike with 29" wheels.  It comes complete with racks and is ready for what you can throw at it!

Fat bikes are here to stay.  Here are the 2015 Trek Farley 8 & 6 - beautiful alloy framed fat bikes.  Rumors leading into the show indicated that there were more fat bikes coming, but that didn't prove to be the case.

Speaking of Fat Bikes, this is an example of the scene in about 14 hours of seminars I've attended in the past 2 days.  Here, Trek Mountain Bike Product Manager John Riley presents the 2015 Trek Fat Bike product line.
WHEEL SIZE...  That WAS the question.  Trek has came to the table in 2015 with what I believe is the best option - one that we are incredibly excited about at Cyclova XC.  Wheel size aught to be proportional to the size of the rider - similar to a frame.  This is the concept behind Trek's "Smart Size" wheel sizing.  XC mountain bikes (for men & women) with wheel size 15.5" or smaller will use the 650B (27.5") wheel size.  Bikes 17" and bigger, will use the 29" wheel size.  In the end, the bike must fit!!!

Speaking of 650B wheels, here is the line of 650B ladies full suspension Lush bikes.

The NEW Trek Emonda, ultralight road racer got a ton of attention, and had a super cool booth.  This bike can be built complete at 10.3 pounds (and comes at many price points, down to under $2,000), climbs & handles like a dream, and will be in stock at Cyclova XC very soon!

I'll save my favorite for last!  If only bikes could talk!  Here is the top tube of the bike that Fabian Cancellera won his 2nd Tour of Flanders on this Spring.  Note the list of cobble sections.  This is a Domane Koppenberg Edition bike, which can be ordered at Cyclova XC - yes, you can ride like Fabian!

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