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Call for Mt. Bike Support for Sasquatch 25k!

Hey Folks!

This Saturday is the finale for our Sasquatch Dash 2014 trail running series.  We'll be doing a 25 km race including a loop around Big Rock Creek retreat.  If anyone is interested in riding support, either write me at, or just show up with your Mt. Bike at Lion's Park at 9 AM on Saturday (Lion's Park is just north of St. Croix Falls on 87).

We'd like to have people who can carry some water and gel packets for runners who happen to bonk, also we'd like for you to have a cell phone if you encounter somebody in difficulty.  This is advertised as an unsupported event, but we'd prefer to have some people making sure everyone gets in OK.

The course details are listed here.

You won't be able to ride the first part of the trail since it's on the Ice Age trail where bicycles are prohibited.  It is possible to join up with the race course off 160th st, but the access to Big Rock Creek retreat at that point, although mowed, is pretty rough.  The best thing might just be to park at BRC itself and take the outer loop.  However, please do not go into the farm area of BRC under any circumstances since they are hosting a wedding that day (we want to keep out of sight as much as possible).

After the event, we'll be doing a pot luck at Lion's, so come on out.  This is a great way to experience BRC.  Please shoot me an email if you're able to assist!

Thanks in advance!

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