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Gandy Marathon Course Record Certificate

Hey Everybody!

The Gandy Marathon is rapidly approaching and things are getting hectic with the final preparations.  We LOVE it!  We're dedicated to making this the kind of event people plan their whole autumn around. 

Because this is an inaugural event, course records are going to be set in every division and we intend to honor our record holders with the above certificate.  The fact that this is a small race doesn't diminish the value of the achievement.  Even if your record only lasts for one year, you'll always be able to say that you held the fastest time in a division of the Gandy Dancer Marathon.  That's pretty cool!  And you'll also have the certificate to prove it!

Awards will be offered in the following divisions for both the full and the half and for both men and women:

15 & Under

Remember our course has been USATF certified, reference # WI14032DM.  This means we are a Boston Qualifier!

There's still time to register.  Click here to sign up for the full, half or 5k!  Remember that proceeds go to the Luck Fire Department!

Also, I'd like to thank a late round of sponsors.  Putting on an event like this incurs a lot of expenses, and we wouldn't be able to do it without help:

Thanks again, and see you all on October 11th!

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