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Interested In A Ski Camp in January (in the Czech Republic)?

Most of you probably know that a few years ago I did the Inca trail with World Champion cross-country skier Martin Koukal.  Martin is still an active skier and has participated in the last two American Birkebeiners finishing 5th and 8th.  He's very prominently featured in this video (which is awesome if you haven't seen it):
I just received a message from Martin about a cross-country ski camp he is offering in the Czech Republic in January.  The dates are January 4 to the 12th and the price is US $1,100.  You'd also have to pay the price of a ticket to the Czech Republic.  Lodging is included in the quoted price, so it doesn't seem that bad for an 8 day trip.

Martin said something about having a group cancel, so I think he's looking to fill a void in his schedule.  The downside is that he needs to decide in two weeks.

This is one of those cases where I'd be absolutely all in if I didn't have a wife and kids to take care of, but as it is, it's tough to get away.  Still, I thought I'd throw this notice on here in case any of you were looking for an excuse to do an awesome skiing adventure in the Czech Republic in January.  Here is the .pdf he sent me with all the details:

If any of you are curious about this or want to discuss it further, just let me know.  My email is bj@cyclovaxc.com.  We'd have to get a fair number of people to make this happen...gosh it would be cool, but it's going to be tough!  Still, let me know!

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