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Sasquatch Dash #6: 25k and PARTY!

Hey Folks!

Well, it's that time of year again, the BIG race to end our fabulous 2014 Sasquatch Dash series.  We've been scrambling a little bit to get the course laid out.  As always, this is an unsupported, free event so we want to make sure everybody is prepared.  25km is almost 16 miles, so take this one seriously.  We'd prefer that all of you are carrying enough water to finish--please do not try to start this race without carrying some water.  I'll try to get out there and put some jugs out on the course, for emergencies, but this is unsupported!  I'll also try to get some Mt. Biker friends to ride the loop and make sure everyone is OK, but it's best when everyone is committed to taking care of themselves.

Last year we were able to do the event entirely at Big Rock Creek Retreat, which worked out great, but this year they are hosting a wedding later in the day so we are just allowed access to their outer perimeter.  Still, the course we put together is pretty cool.  We'll be running from Lions Park up the Ice Age Trail (we were on that trail in the City of Trails 10k), then from River Road to 87 (for .2 miles), then up 160th.  We turn off 160th to a access road that takes us to Big Rock Creek.  This access road was pretty grown over, so I borrowed a lawn mower and cut a trail along it.  Once you get to Big Rock Creek you do a complete lap of the outer perimeter.  I marked the course assuming we'd go East along the Southern border.  For the most part in Big Rock Creek, you'll have a fence to your left which will indicate you're in the right place.  I also marked the trail by tying strands of orange marking tape periodically throughout the course.

Here is a map:

Also, here is a link to the Garmin Connect file.  Note this file does not show the complete course since I didn't repeat the path leading from Big Rock Creek back to Lion's park.  This file says the distance is just under 12 miles, but with the return path the total distance is more in the 15.8 mile's going to be tough.

There is a 1.3 mile section of pavement from the Ice Age trail section to the turn off on 160th street.  I was a little concerned about the .2 miles we have to run on 87, but there is a big shoulder there and as long as all the runners are cautious, I don't anticipate problems.  Here's a highlight of that section:

Please be VERY careful on 87.  I don't even like crossing that road, but it couldn't be avoided this year.

You'll also notice on the above map that we have to cross Big Rock Creek.  That river crossing is passable without getting your feet wet, but a little further down the Ice Age trail there is a section with a lot of water.  St. Croix got hit by a major storm last week and the river is high.  With any luck, it will be down by Saturday, but when I marked the course on Sunday there was an extended section where your shoes are submerged.  Again, maybe we'll get lucky and it will dry out by next week...but I'd recommend planning on getting your feet wet and your shoes dirty (it's actually kind of awesome, but I wanted to give you all fair warning).  The rest of the trail is in great shape, it's spectacular running out at Big Rock Creek.

There is a big picnic area at Lions Park, so bring some food to share just like last year!  We had an awesome time.  I'll be bringing along all the additional Sasquatch 2014 T-shirts to sell (ones that were pre-ordered but never picked up) so if you want one bring $15.

As always, you are welcome to start the run and then bail out whenever you want (just sign in please).  There should be quite a few spectators, friends, and family at Lions enjoying the festivities.  This is going to be a fun, casual, but also intense workout.  Oh, and if you have a friend who wants to Mt. Bike Big Rock Creek for free, please bring them so they can act as a support crew.  I'll do more work organizing that throughout the week (last year we had 5 or 6 I believe).  If anyone needs anymore information, write me at:

Be sure to sign in to the Event page so we know how many people to expect.  Also, I'm sure there will be a few more announcements on this throughout the week, so stay tuned! This is going to be really fun!

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