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Sasquatch Finale Results and Final Scores

The second Sasquatch Dash series is in the books.  We had another really good year, it went by a little too fast for my tastes.  Maybe that is because I personally missed the middle two races.  I thoroughly enjoyed the four I was there for and the great group of people we had come out.  This has been a great staple of my last two summers and I am already looking forward to it again next year.

But, you aren't here to read my blathering about how much I like the series, you are probably here to find the results.  So enough text, how about some tables?

Race Results

First up, the men's results.

Out for his first run with this rowdy Squatchin' group, Mark Swiontek put in a dominating performance with a nearly ten minute gapping of the field.  Alex took the relaxed approach of setting out a chair and a change of shoes at the end of the first single track at which point he sat down and changed his shoes, and then proceeded to take a wrong turn entering BRC.  He still mowed me down on the north side of BRC like I wasn't moving.  He was on his way to catching and passing Steve before Steve let oxygen deprivation tunnel his vision and he missed a turn.  I'm using director's discretion and giving him third to round out the podium.

On the women's side the race was pretty small.

Both women decided that 15.5 miles wasn't enough they both decided to make this a 17.5 mile run.  I personally thought the course was challenging enough as it was, but that was just me apparently.

Great racing by everyone on an extremely challenging course.  I have to say it is a really nice course though.  Kudos to Ben Jonjak for laying it out.  It was excellent.

Series Results

The table, then the commentary.

On the men's side, as expected, Alex ran away with the overall title, but the rest of the podium came down to the final race.  Had Tom Kelby been able to make the finale, at worst, he would have tied for second.  As it was, I barely eeked out a second place by a mere two points over Tom.  Just a few points back was Sean.  In the end it was a very exciting race to the finish.  I think the pursuit race threw an interesting twist to make it more exciting.  During the off season we will review the scoring, formats, bonus points, etc to see if there are any changes to be made.  Feel free to fire suggestions our way if you have any.

Tammi put in a dominating performance on the women's side winning every race she started plus ten points for the City of Trails.  So she walks away with the women's title with a perfect score of 100 (110 is the max with the shirt bonus).  Congratulations to Tammi for consistently killing it.  Also on the consistency note, while not winning every race, Starr takes a convincing second by scoring solid points in all four races she ran.  Emma rounds out the podium with strong results in four races.  Excellent work ladies.

Overall Commentary

As I said this was another really good year.  We had 63 participants compared to only 40 last year.  Of those 63, 18 were women.  This is great to see the women come out and participate too.  Maybe next year we can shoot for 80 participants and have an even split.

Again, if you have suggestions on improvements for next year let us know.

In the interest of getting these results out, I'll save my personal race report for another post later.  I know you are all dying to read it.

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