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Locally Geared Century a Success!

Locally Geared organized a century ride on the Gandy Dancer on Sunday, October 26th and it was a tremendous success.  Locally Geared is a new cycling/adventure group in St. Croix and I'm really happy to see the ever expanding community of sport enthusiasts in our area!

A ton of people showed up at the St. Croix Visitor center parking lot at 8 AM for the ride. It was a great and friendly collection of people.  Chris Locke, the director of the Skull-n-Bones Gravel adventure was there, making the lonely morning drive from Bruce. Also present was Mike Colaizy of Wild River Fitness (he's got everybody doing a burpee challege lately). Wendi Lindenmuth, founder of Locally Geared, was there of course, and she did a wonderful job as a ride hostess. This was a good group of people who do a lot to promote fun fitness activities in the area (myself included since I'm always pushing things like the Solstice Chase and Gandy Marathon). I always greatly appreciate the chance to brainstorm new adventures and improve the ones that already exist -- there's no better opportunity for such meetings than while riding a bicycle.

The morning thermometer read 34 degrees but that didn't seem to deter anyone but the day warmed beautifully as the miles sped by.  I spent the first few minutes trying to convince people to wear heavier gloves and leggings. We also had a flat tire and a locked door issue, but it all got sorted out with relative ease.

I was really impressed with how friendly this particular group was. I always try to do my best to make everyone feel welcome and I felt a similar effort from everybody who came along on this ride. We had a couple participants who were attempting their first century who turned out to be very strong riders! If I remember right, neither of them had clip-in pedals...which blows my mind. I just find it a lot harder to ride a bicycle without clip in pedals.  Honestly, the Gandy Dancer trail isn't an easy place to ride a century. You'd think it would be because it's predominantly flat, but the soft trail slows you down a bit. Doing a century on pavement is much, much easier.  Great, great job to those who came out to try something new on a cold morning!  You impressed the heck out of me!

I only came along for the first hour because I had to go and man the shop on Sunday, but I'm really glad to have been along for even a small part of the ride.  I understand that Wendi is only going to continue to organize more events like this, and I hope to participate in as many as I can.  Again, it's great to see the adventure community continue to evolve and develop in the St. Croix valley!  Make sure to check out the Locally Geared Facebook page to learn about the next one!

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