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Tyre Girl Discusses the Gandy Marathon

Those of you who came to spectate the inaugural Gandy Dancer Trail marathon might have seen a friendly, enthusiastic lady participating in the event while dragging a 22lb tire. For those of you who don't know, that was Tyre Girl! Tyre Girl runs marathons while dragging a tire to raise awareness about our impact on the environment (read more about Tyre Girl on her webpage here).

Tyre Girl started out approximately an hour before the regular marathon start, and I caught up with her around the halfway mark to chat for a bit. It was great to talk with her and see all the people running by shouting out encouragement, excited to see her out there challenging herself with that heavy tire! Let me tell you though, Tyre Girl is one tough cookie -- she kept up an impressive pace while dragging that dead weight behind her. No matter how hard it got, she had a smile for every volunteer and words of encouragement for all her competitors. Half the reason to run marathons is to meet fun, motivated, interesting people, and Tyre Girl certainly is one of those!

While in the area, Tyre Girl was kind enough to give a presentation to the Luck Community School. She also wrote up her experience and posted it here.

She also wrote this very funny piece about her experience at the marathon written from the perspective of the tire.

Please have a look at both of those articles and give them a like, share, tweet, etc!  I know that we'd love to have Tyre Girl back for the 2nd annual Gandy Dancer Marathon, so send her your support!

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