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(Winter) Biking the Kids to School

I've been waiting for this day!

My eldest daughter started pre-k this year and, because we're a 1 car family (some would say we actually own less than one car) I had to figure out a solution for getting my girls to school. Well...you can see the solution I came up with pictured above!  Looks AWESOME doesn't it?

I've been pulling the trailer with my two girls all autumn, but this morning I was a little concerned when I looked out the window to see a couple inches of snow covering the ground. The first thing I had to do was swap out the factory Bontragers the bike came with in favor of some studded commuters from 45NRTH.  Behold the GRAVDAL!

Theoretically everything seemed like it would work, but since I hadn't actually tested these tires in slushy, icy, slick roads, I was a bit concerned.  I'm happy to report that these studded tires are MONSTERS!  You do have to corner with care, but if you're just hammering away in a straight line they grip like tiger claws (and I know having been a tiger in 6 of the 14 past lives I can remember).

Anyway, I showed up to pick up Sofia and chatted with all the moms who were there to pick up their kids. Of course, they were all super jealous about my sweet ride, and lamented the fact that they had to get back into their climate controlled SUVs to go rolling back home.  Meanwhile, I mounted up my Crossrip, threw a sleeping bag over my princesses, tucked them in with a blanket, gave them a handful of snow to munch on, and BAM, instant awesomeness!

So far, I'm loving picking up my girls from school in the Burley...we'll see how my attitude changes when it gets to be minus one zillion.

Drive safe people!

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