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CALL OUT: Reigning WORLD CHAMPION Competing At Solstice Chase - April Morgan of Minneapolis, MN!

45NRTH racer April Morgan at the start line of the 2013 Solstice Chase - showing off her 45NRTH Dillinger tires!  Photo Credit:  45NRTH
The Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race is a celebration of Winter, a community festival, and yes a BICYCLE RACE!  As this is a big scale bike race drawing people from across the country, and the first event of this year's Great Lakes Fat Bike Series, we're excited to be welcoming pro racers to this year's event!

I've really enjoyed getting to know April, and her husband Tom (Tom works for one of Cyclova XC's top vendors, and is my all star guy there that makes things happen for Cyclova XC) over the past few years.  The cycling world is a tightly knit community, and if you pay attention, you're bound to meet some extraordinary folks - like April & Tom! 

April is a very fun person that puts a smile on everyone's face - even as she puts the hammer down and drops you!  She is very gracious and humble - in a wonderful way.  In talking with her about her riding and racing experience, often, you have to really work to find out that she is indeed the REIGNING WORLD FAT BIKE CHAMPION!  I believe modesty is a true mark of a champion - and we are thrill to have April - reining World Champion return to the Solstice Chase!  

I recently spoke with April about the Solstice Chase, and following is what she had to say about the event:
"I'm really look forward to the Solstice Chase event this weekend! Sounds like the course conditions are shaping up for a fast day on the trails!!  Winter fat biking has quickly become my favorite part of the riding season.  I really love the fun & festive atmosphere at these races and I can't wait to enjoy a bonfire and post race beer with all my racing buddies. Let the GLFBS season begin!"

To read more about April, and all of her cool adventures, check out HER BLOG.  
April Morgan after winning the Fat Bike World Championships in Marquette, MI - January of 2014!  Photo published with permission from April Morgan.
Remember, the Solstice Chase welcome fat bikers of all stripes - from first timers to pro's.  This year's course will be more rider friendly, with more fat bike specific single track (more "flowly" and less steep than last year), and course conditions look to be pointing toward very fast times on the course.  

For the full scoop on the Solstice Chase, click HERE.  To register, CLICK HERE!  If you are a pro racer interested in competing at the Solstice Chase, email

We appreciate you reading our blog posts.  Reading CyclovaXC blog posts pays!  For that, we'd like to offer you a $5 off promo code for the Solstice Chase!  Go register for the Solstice Chase now, and use the following promo code to receive $5 off of your entry fee:  RIDEFAT
April ripping it up aboard her 45NRTH equipped Salsa Beargrease!  Photo published with permission from April Morgan.

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