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Solstice Chase Race Course in GREAT CONDITION - !!!FAST & FUN!!!

Mother nature has set the table perfectly for a fast & fun Solstice Chase!

The 2014 Solstice Chase race course is in fabulous shape.  Racers who competed in last year's Solstice Chase had their wish granted - the 2014 Solstice Chase course will be FAST, FUN, SNOWY, and very friendly to both riders and spectators!  For the full scoop on the course - including maps, gpx files, etc, CLICK HERE.

Last week's record breaking temperatures and heavy rain melted ALL of the snow that we had - from our 14" snow storm in November.  Thankfully, the rain and warm temps also melted nearly all of the ice - right down to the bare ground - eliminating most of the potentially dangerous ice.  What's left is the nicely maintained trail surface, covered in a beautiful 1.5" blanket of fluffy snow!  In short, this race is going to be fast!

From a bike & tire perspective, I recommend a ~4" fat bike tire, with moderate to agressive tread, aired up to a relatively low air pressure (I'll be riding 4" 45NRTH Dillingers with about 6psi of air pressure in them).  Studded tires wouldn't hurt - I'd say if you have a studded tire set available, you won't regret using them.  In the end, the most important thing in getting good traction is running as low of air pressure as possible - so resist the temptation to run higher air pressure - there is no need for anyone to run more than 8psi.

If you're curious about the course, join us for our weekly group fat bike ride tonight.  We'll meet at Big Rock Creek at 6PM (rolling at 6 sharp) tonight at the main barn (which will be the race headquarters).  For the full scoop on how to get there, check out this post.  Be sure to bring a light, as we'll be riding in the dark!

Check out the photos below to see what the course currently looks like - and if you haven't done so yet, head on over to to register for the race, and get the full scoop on the event!

We look forward to sharing a fun day with you on Saturday!
The above bridge above going over Big Rock Creek is tacky.  If you take a moment, you'll be struck by the beauty of this amazing creek - which flows into the majestic St. Croix River!
On my course recon / pre-ride yesterday, there were more turkey tracks than 45NRTH Dillinger tracks - that will change on Saturday!
Preliminary course marking is done - but we will be out working on the course and race venue around the clock over the next several days!
One of my favorite spots on the course, the dam wall in the central spillway area is always beautiful!
Fat biking at Big Rock Creek Retreat is like a waltz through time - through bygone eras...  Carbon Salsa Beargrease meet pick up trucks from the 40's!


  1. Hi frank! Saw your course update. Looks good! Is there any ice? I could pull studded tires off my commuter pugsley and put them on my race bike but it would be a hassle. Thanks, Vince.

  2. Hi Vince,

    My apologies for the delay in my response - I just got in from an 11 hour day working out at the race venue - and from our Wednesday night group ride, which was on the Solstice Chase course this week.

    Yes, the course is in spectacular shape. The entire course was rolled and combed today and is in great shape - it's going to be a fun/fast day!

    In my opinion, studded tires aren't necessary - I don't plan on riding w studs - just my 4" Dillingers at about 6-6.5psi of air pressure. There is one section of the course about 1 mile long (a very small portion of the course) that has been used by a lot of huge logging semi trucks regularly, and that snow is packed very hard - not quite to the point of being icy. On our ride tonight, I was trying to get my tires to slip, but they were hooking up really well. I'd say if your comfortable riding on very hard packed snow, or a smidge of ice - run your regular tires. If you want to error on the side of excess traction, put your studs on.

    Hope this helps - thanks for your email! Look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


    Frank Lundeen
    Race Director, Solstice Chase