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Balsam Branch Work Day, Saturday November 1st at 9 AM

Hey Folks,

Just a quick note that the folks at Balsam Branch are doing a trail work day this Saturday, November 1st at 9:00 AM.  Meet at the Bible camp shed (the groomer storage area) West of the parking lot. Bring a shovel, rake, clippers, screwdriver, etc. (maybe throw in an extra for those that forget).  Gloves are also a good idea. The objective is to fill in some washouts, label the light poles, and trim the trail edges.

Thanks for your help! It's the thousands of hours of unpaid volunteer work that make our local trails so enjoyable!  We appreciate your effort!

For more details swing by CyclovaXC or call 715-483-3278.

Locally Geared Century a Success!

Locally Geared organized a century ride on the Gandy Dancer on Sunday, October 26th and it was a tremendous success.  Locally Geared is a new cycling/adventure group in St. Croix and I'm really happy to see the ever expanding community of sport enthusiasts in our area!

A ton of people showed up at the St. Croix Visitor center parking lot at 8 AM for the ride. It was a great and friendly collection of people.  Chris Locke, the director of the Skull-n-Bones Gravel adventure was there, making the lonely morning drive from Bruce. Also present was Mike Colaizy of Wild River Fitness (he's got everybody doing a burpee challege lately). Wendi Lindenmuth, founder of Locally Geared, was there of course, and she did a wonderful job as a ride hostess. This was a good group of people who do a lot to promote fun fitness activities in the area (myself included since I'm always pushing things like the Solstice Chase and Gandy Marathon). I always greatly appreciate the chance to brainstorm new adventures and improve the ones that already exist -- there's no better opportunity for such meetings than while riding a bicycle.

The morning thermometer read 34 degrees but that didn't seem to deter anyone but the day warmed beautifully as the miles sped by.  I spent the first few minutes trying to convince people to wear heavier gloves and leggings. We also had a flat tire and a locked door issue, but it all got sorted out with relative ease.

I was really impressed with how friendly this particular group was. I always try to do my best to make everyone feel welcome and I felt a similar effort from everybody who came along on this ride. We had a couple participants who were attempting their first century who turned out to be very strong riders! If I remember right, neither of them had clip-in pedals...which blows my mind. I just find it a lot harder to ride a bicycle without clip in pedals.  Honestly, the Gandy Dancer trail isn't an easy place to ride a century. You'd think it would be because it's predominantly flat, but the soft trail slows you down a bit. Doing a century on pavement is much, much easier.  Great, great job to those who came out to try something new on a cold morning!  You impressed the heck out of me!

I only came along for the first hour because I had to go and man the shop on Sunday, but I'm really glad to have been along for even a small part of the ride.  I understand that Wendi is only going to continue to organize more events like this, and I hope to participate in as many as I can.  Again, it's great to see the adventure community continue to evolve and develop in the St. Croix valley!  Make sure to check out the Locally Geared Facebook page to learn about the next one!

2014 Filthy 50 race report

by Chris Locke of the Skull-n-Bones Gravel Challenge

Sunday morning 3 of us made the drive to Stewartsville to participate in the Filthy 50. Tod Griffith, Pat Ross and myself all took a leg of the driving and it worked out perfectly. I ended up waking up just in time to not mess everything up. I grabbed all my gear that I had laid out the night before, jumped in the car, and shot out the door. Driving through Weyerhaeuser I realized I didn't have the cue sheets that I had printed out for Tod and I. I turned around and got the sheets and got back on the road. I arrived in rice lake to pick up Pat at Walmart about a half hour late. Then we quickly loaded up the car and got on the road again to Menominee where we piled into Tod's truck for the remainder of the trip to Stewartsville. We arrived with plenty of time to sign in and mingle with our fellow gravel compatriots. Lots of these people I had not seen since Almanzo. Half or the fun of these events is just catching up with old friends that you don't see every other weekend. I saw Sveta Vold and congratulated her on her recent Merrag and touched bace with Mr. Skogen as well along with a lot of the guys that came to the Skull-N-Bones in September. It was a great gathering of people.

At about 9:40 things started to coalesce, everyone started to congregate in a group in the parking lot. Race director Trenton Raygor spoke through a megaphone out of the back of a pickup truck. After an informative pre-race briefing we rolled down a short stretch of pavement then Trent waved us past and the gravel began. The pace quickened and the race was on. The start was fast and the sun was shining, it looked like it was gong to be a beautiful day for a ride. The wind was gusting and it was in our faces but that's the way you want it if you're going to have it. If your into the wind on the way out you will have it at your back on the way back in. This is also where the aerobars on my Fargo came in handy. I would crouch down and hammer through the gusts. After about 20 miles a thick cloud bank rolled in. The temp dropped and it was obvious this would be the story for the rest of the ride. Just before the rest stop at about mile 30 I hit a small amount or of rain. It wasn't much but it was just enough to make you think you were about to get drenched.
In the small town of Fillmore we found a great rest stop at the Fillmore Methodist Church. My gears were clattering because I neglected to apply lube before I left home. I was relieved to see there was a trailer with a bike mechanic. He had everything you could possibly need. Along with mechanical help there were refreshments and bathrooms available. The church was a very welcoming place to warm up and stretch out. After Fillmore Tod, Patrick and I were back together for a while. We were now in a river valley with towering rock walls on either side it was a beautiful ride through this section meandering along the river for a few miles. Then came the climb out of the valley and we were back in the fields with the wind to our backs. It was at this point my legs began to cramp up. I had bananas with and a bottle of Gatorade so I slammed some of that down and it seemed to help. After a while it happened again. I had never had problems with this before so it was annoying and frustrating. The last 15 miles went smoothly I was finally through the cramps, so I thought, and town was in sight. All was perfect until I was about a mile from the finish. I could see the croud and the supermarket. I could even see Trenton giving hi fives as riders finished the race. It was at this point I felt my legs begin to tighten. Push through I thought. Just push through and finished the race.

It was a great experience. The roads and the landscape were beautiful. The gravel in southern MN is nothing like we have around here in northern WI. It is hard packed and very fast. It feels like you're riding on concrete at times but so much better. I would encourage any rider it give the Filthy 50 a shot. If you have never ridden gravel before it's a great way to get your feet wet. As for veteran gravel racers it's challenging enough to make us happy too. I can't wait to do it again next year.

Solstice Chase Fat Bike Race Price Hike at Midnight on October 15th!

Hey Folks!

Just a quick heads up that there will be a price hike for the Solstice Chase at Midnight on October 15th.  Click here to register now at the discounted rate of $35 for the 42k and $30 for the 21k.  After that the price goes up $10, so get registered!

This is a fantastic event at beautiful Big Rock Creek Retreat.  If you've never ridden at BRC you're in for a treat!

For more details on the Solstice Chase, click here!  See you there!

WOOLLY DAY - This Sunday, October 19th @ 3:30PM

2nd Annual Woolly Day this Sunday!

Join the Woolly, Cyclova XC, and local MTB crews for a fun afternoon of celebrating 2014 - and riding the newest singletrack in the Midwest (we think some of the best singletrack in the Midwest)!  Bring some food to share and be prepared for good times!  Cyclova XC will bring a size run of fat bikes, which will be available for demos at no charge. 

With demo bikes, social group rides, food, bonfire and a preview of Erratic Rock, our newest singletrack. Should be a great day in Woollyland!

When: Sunday,  October 19th at 3:30pm
Where: Big Oak Trailhead: at the intersection of Lincoln and Maple Drive in St. Croix Falls.
For those not familiar, here’s a link to the location on google maps.,-92.6260223/@45.4040057,-92.6321592,16z/data=!4m3!4m2!1m0!1m0

Woolly Bike Club Mission Statement: Woolly Bike Club exists to grow mountain biking in the St. Croix River Valley through advocacy, community, events, and an ever expanding sustainable network of maintained trails.

Cyclova XC Ski Season Kick Off "TEAM NIGHT" - !!THURS, OCT 23, 2014!!

Join Team Cyclova in our ski season kick off "Team Night" at Cyclova XC!  Above, Cyclova Green is all over the start of the 2014 Balsam Vinterfest race.  Photo Credit:  William Johnson
We feel it...  and so do you!  Frosty mornings, snow on the ground a few weeks ago, ski event calendars filling up, you've been rollerskiing/running/etc - yes, the 2014-15 ski season is almost upon us!

We want to kick off this ski season in a big way, the Cyclova way!  All customers sporting Cyclova XC team wear (and those who might be interested in purchasing some) are invited to join us for a fun, action packed evening on Thursday, October 23!  Pizza & refreshments will be provided, there will be presentations, and there will be DEALS (on this one night only)!

RSVP and be a part of the anticipatory conversation at the Facebook Event.

Team Night Event Schedule (Thursday, October 23):
7:00PM:  Team night starts - Pizza & refreshments will be provided
7:10 - 7:40PM:  Frank Lundeen, Cyclova XC co-owner presents new products & product highlights of the 2014-15 ski season.  There is a TON of new stuff coming out this season!
7:40PM - 9PM:  Cyclova XC Staff and reps from select ski vendors on hand to help Team Cyclova members with their race xc ski product needs.

NOTE:  Special pricing is available this one night only (no exceptions) - extra special pricing for Cyclova XC Team members that you won't want to miss out on, and special pricing for non team members. 

Extra special discounts will be available on the following products:
  • Any ski with a MSRP of over $400
  • Any boot with a MSRP of over $185
  • Any ski pole with a MSRP of over $150
  • Any wax / accessory purchase with a MSRP totaling $250 or more
Note that the team discounts offered at this one time team night are too steep to publish, but know that discounts will be double the normal team discount or greater - in short you don't want to miss out on this - and this is the time to stock up for the season!  We will require cash or check payment to get these maximum discounts. 
Not on the team?  Know that WE WANT YOU!  We want you to be part of the most fun ski team out there!  We practically invented the concept of a "fun citizen ski team" - and we do it well.  Since day one, Cyclova XC has simply been about HAVING FUN and BUILDING COMMUNITY around our sports.  Skiers of any level, any age, any gender, and with ties from anywhere in our region are welcome - as long as your focus as a skier is to have fun!  To join the team simply contact us or stop by the store and order yourself a ski suit or warmup jacket!

Join us for a fun evening of mingling, presentations, food, drink, and DEALS!

CyclovaXC Burglarized

Hey Folks,

This is depressing news and I don't want to spend too much time dwelling on it, but I thought I should do a write-up just so everybody knows the official story.  Sometime between Sunday the 5th of October and Wednesday the 8th of October, CyclovaXC was broken into and several items were stolen.  The cash was cleaned out of the register and a Salsa Beargrease like the one pictured above was taken.  

It probably would have been in our best interests to make an announcement last Wednesday, but we were focused on getting the Gandy Marathon up and running and decided to put off mention of the burglary.  The good news is that the Gandy Marathon was a smashing success!  It feels great to play a part in something that is so positive for the community, and we are very proud of the role we played in bringing a marathon to the area.  The more people who know about the beautiful sights and friendly people of the St. Croix Valley, the better.

Frank and I have often remarked how lucky we are to live in such a safe, law-abiding community as St. Croix Falls. In our three years of operation this is the first incident of something negative happening.  We have absolute, unshakable faith in our staff and in the people of our area.  I've since heard that there have been a couple thefts reported that all took place around the same time, so maybe some unwelcome element was just passing through.

We have taken the necessary steps to protect ourselves against something like this happening again.  The bike that was stolen is a rare enough model that we feel there's a good chance it could turn up on social media.  If you see a listing for a Large Salsa Beargrease that seems suspicious for whatever reason, we'd appreciate if you'd alert us to it (, or  But please, do not take any action other than to inform us.  We are very thankful that this incident was non-violent, and our staff and customers are far more important than any items that were lost.

This theft sets us back a little bit, but we'll get through it.  Thanks for being such a great community!  We've felt your support since we opened the doors and there is no place we'd rather be than in beautiful downtown St. Croix Falls!  Good things are ahead, don't hesitate to stop by and chat with us, we love to see you!

2014 Gandy Marathon Results and Recap

2014 Champions Tammi Braund and Mark Swiontek
Photo credit: Mike Colaizy
We had a perfect day for the inaugural Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon and we couldn't be more pleased with how the day went.  388 arrived to take part in the full marathon, half marathon, and 5 k events.  When we started planning for this race back in March, we were hoping for about 200, so this is a smashing success and we GUARANTEE we will be back for a bigger, better race in 2015!

But before we start planning for next year, we need to spend a bit more time enjoying and celebrating 2014.  Pictured above are the champions from the full marathon Tammi Braund (3:09:55) and Mark Swiontek (3:05:54).  It was so much fun running this race because the way the course is laid out, you get to see the leaders come by twice.  It's a HUGE charge seeing people you know leading a marathon, running through the pain, and hammering towards the finish line.  I got so excited I screamed and yelled at both Tammi and Mark...and only after did I worry that perhaps I got a little too loud and obnoxious.  I asked Tammi about it though and she said, "No its that yelling that keeps people going! I couldn't breathe to yell, sorry!"--No apology necessary Tammi, don't break concentration when you have a marathon to win :) !

Unofficial results are currently posted at Gopher Timing.  I can't seem to link directly to the results, so you have to click that link, then click on the link that says "results" on the upper left, click on "fitness events" in the drop down menu, and then you'll see Gandy Marathon.  I think I'll be able to link directly when the results become official.

Kudos to Eric Olson and Seth Petersen for overseeing everything on race day and ensuring that it all went smoothly.  I know that Eric didn't sleep for at least two days prior to the race (hopefully he's getting some sleep now).  He told me he tried to sleep and just laid awake thinking about all the stuff that needed to be done to send the race off.  At least we didn't have to worry about people taking wrong turns out on the course (well...actually you do have to worry about that, even when the course follows a railroad bed...sigh...).

Despite the fact that things went very well, we've already got a list of items that we want to improve (there's always room for improvement). I don't think I'll ever forget the national anthem before the marathon.  Eric's microphone went dead so the young girl who performed had to do so without the aid of audio amplification.  The crowd of competitors went absolutely silent in what was a truly beautiful moment.  This only goes to show that sometimes little glitches can actually create magic.  That being said, we're not going to rest until this is the number 1 marathon around!  Feel free to send us suggestions in emails ( or leave them in the comments below.

Also, we were honored that Tyre Girl came to participate in our event.  Her objective is to do 100 marathons while dragging a tire, and she started off an hour ahead of the other competitors.  It was fun to see her out there on the course since she is a energetic and fun individual always ready to shout words of encouragement.  Her tire picked up leaves along the way, and every now and then she had to stop and pull the bunches out from beneath (she said the leaves made the tire very heavy).  When I caught up with her I said she might have to disconnect the tire and drag my inert body into the finish line--fortunately for both of us it didn't quite come to that (although it was pretty close).

Winners for the half marathon were Dan Schoepke (1:26:37) and Megan Felling (1:41:06).  Winners for the 5k were Manuel Villagrana (21:02:25) and Jen Vos Benkowski (21:53:93).  Congratulations!

I'd like to offer a special thank you to the Luck Fire Department.  What a great group of guys they are, and they did a tremendous job supporting us out there.  I had zero worries at the one or two road crossings (who can miss a big fire truck with flashing lights telling drivers to STOP!).

Also, thanks to the cyclists from CyclovaXC who were out there on bicycles in front of the men and women leaders of the various races.

Most important of all, thanks to all of the runners who came to participate in our event!  It was so much fun shouting encouragement and hearing all the kind words while out on the trail.  All of you made this event a special day and we couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out.  I hope you all are eager to return next year for a bigger and better version of the Gandy Dancer Marathon!  If any of you feel you need to do a little more training, come out and join our free "Sasquatch Dash" trail running series (Tammi and Mark both won all the races they entered in that series)--races will begin April 2015.

If any of you want to do a write up of your experience for publication here, please do!  Send it to me along with some photos at:!  Thanks, and see you next year!
Photo by: Jenna Coen Clemenson

Tyre Girl To Speak at Luck Fri, Run Gandy Marathon Sat.

Women's Mountain Bike Retreat- October 17-18

Join the movement! There is a growing network of women cyclists in the St. Croix Valley and we want you to join us! If you are a mountain bike enthusiast- or think you want to be one- here is your chance to experience a women's mountain bike retreat, hosted by Locally Geared!

Please join us Friday, October 17th at Big Rock Creek Retreat just north of downtown St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. We will gather at 6:00 p.m. at The Clubhouse inside BRCR for an evening of fellowship with local women cycling and adventure enthusiasts, a group night ride will be led by Wendi, followed by time to relax in the grandeur of the lodge. We will greet the dawn Saturday morning with a hearty breakfast prepared by Kristen (I'm the chief expert ankle buster, so currently I'm forbidden to pedal... but I can cook one heck of a breakfast!), followed by another group ride led by Wendi. The Locally Geared film crew will be present to capture footage of our spectacular feats! This footage will be used to promote women's cycling here in the valley. (If you prefer not to be filmed, that is no problem- your participation is optional.)

Click here for a sneak peak of recent footage from the women's ride on the local mountain bike trails!

For more information or questions about registering for this event please contact Wendi by email: 

Online Gandy Dancer Registration to Close Thursday, October 9th

Main Street Finish at the Inaugural Gandy Dancer Marathon!
Hey Folks!

This last week has been going by in a whirlwind as we make the final preparations for the first ever Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon!  I believe the last number of total participants in all three events was 288, which is a great number for an inaugural event!

Just a quick reminder that online registration closes Thursday, October 9th at Midnight.  If you still wish to register for the Full marathon, half marathon, or 5k you can click here to do so!  Remember, everybody finishes, there will be no cut off times!  If you have friends in the longer events, why not come and walk the 5k?  That's a great way to participate in the fun.  Remember all proceeds go to the Luck Fire Department.

There will be race day registration, but prices go up when the online registration closes so register now!

Once you've registered, click here for Race Day Information.

See you at the finish line in Luck!

Gandy Marathon Race Day Information

Hello Runners!
Thank you for registering for the Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon. We have been working hard to ensure this is a world-class event, and we’re looking forward to seeing each and every one of you this Saturday, October 11th for the inaugural race! The fall colors have been spectacular on the Gandy Dancer trail, and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful run.

We know you have a lot of questions, and hopefully we’ll address everything in this message. We will answer any further questions on the web page at, or send your questions to:

Bib/Race Shirt Pick-up and Race Day Registration:
Registration will open at 6AM on the morning of Saturday, October 11th at the Luck Fire Station. The Fire station is located on State HWY 48 and West Street. We don’t anticipate you will have any problem finding the fire station as Luck is a very small town. Also there will be volunteers directing traffic and organizing parking who will be wearing yellow vests.

Fire Station Address:
115 West Street
Luck WI 54853

All proceeds go to the Luck Fire Department, so encourage your friends to sign up for the 5k!  Online registration closes Thursday, October 9th, at Midnight.

Start Times:
Marathon: 8AM
Half-Marathon: 9 AM
5k: 9:15

All three races start on the Gandy Dancer trail at the Fire Station and all three races finish on Main Street (2 blocks away from the start).

There are no cut-off times. Everybody finishes.

Aid Stations:
There will be 16 aid stations providing fruit and cookies as well as water and Gatorade. You will also have the opportunity to drop out at these stations.

Finisher’s Medals:
Medals will be awarded to the Half and Full participants as they cross the finish line.

Age Group Awards/Course Record Certificate:
You will need to check results and go to the awards table to redeem your award. First place will receive a lime green mug, second and third will both receive blue mugs. All age class winners and overall winners in the full and half will also receive a certificate indicating that they set the course record in their class.

Boston Qualifier:
If you run a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon, come and talk to us after the race, or send us an email. We will help you with the USATF info since we are new in their system. Our race reference number is# WI14032DM

Finish Line Party:
Be sure to stick around and enjoy the festivities. We’d like all your support in cheering in the last finishers!  We'll be cheering in every last one of you!

Friday Night Dining:

Area Restaurants are limited but there are some good options in the neighboring towns:
Luck Supper Club (Luck), The Ridge Eatery (Frederic WI), Dalles House Restaurant (St. Croix Falls). There are also some good options in Siren, WI.

Again, thanks to all our sponsors. It would be impossible to put on this race without them:

That's it!  See you Saturday, October 11th.  Remember, "run when you can, walk with you have to, finish with a smile on your face!"

AutumnFest Happening Sat., Oct. 4th in St. Croix Falls!

Fall Colors are one the highlights of the year here in the St Croix Valley.

And to celebrate that beauty the 5th annual St Croix Falls AutumnFest offers a full day and night of fun, fresh family activities. "The weight of summer is gone and the weight of winter is ahead and so Fall is a great time to have fun, breathe deep, rest and reflect on our journey through life," says St Croix Falls Events coordinator Woody McBride. "Autumnfest is a full day out in a picturesque city to enjoy a great art&craft fair, music, food, fitness and naturalist events."

Activities List - All Events free

Saturday October 4th at or near the overlook (except hike starts at Snap)
(if rain most events move to the scf library)

1. Snap Fitness All City Hike: meet at Snap at 9 am - take one of two guided hikes
2. Falls Chamber Annual Art & Craft Fair plus Bergman's Pumpkin Wagon  10 am - 3 p.m.
3. Senior center Food, bake sale & Music W/ Kaptain Karl  10 am - 3 p.m.
4. Breakfast, coffee & tours at Festival Theatre the official AutumnFest Breakfast spot  10 am - 3 p.m. 
5. Kids: Family Chalk Art & Lego Creativity Contest  9 am  -  1 p.m. (hosted by Northern Waters Literacy)
6. Zumba with Kim 10 am & Kids Zumba  11 am
7. Overlook: Meet for Wild Flower & Nature Walk w/ Dr. Kelly  11 am
8. Kids: Randy the Frog Guy Show  11:30 am
9. Kids: Margot Monson Insect Naturalist 12:00 noon
10. Falls Chamber Bean Bag Toss 12-3
11. Kids: SCF Library presents Barb Trombley storyteller & activities  12:30 p.m. 
12. Overlook: Music by august blues, the scalded hounds and the genius of fun  1 - 4 p.m. 
13. Annual Pie Eating Contest: Dalles house coffee & bakery  2 p.m. 
14. Back of the SCF library reception, Poetry & Fun 4 - 6 p.m.
15. Festival Theatre’s “The Miser” 7:30 PM & after show public reception 10 p.m.
16. Official after party at Dalles House 9 p.m. with the great local band “Paisan”

Also, view the new SCF FD Fire Truck on display downtown. AutumnFest is a low-waste event and embraces the principles of buy local, live good and live simply and sustainably.

for more info visit at or call 612-385-4598

for city, tourist info or hotel info visit or

Food Vendor List:
House of French Fries
Dalles House
Sir Smoke A Lot
Kettle Korn
Senior Center
GF Goodies
Polar Pete's

Music by:
Kaptain Karl
August Blues
Scalded Hounds
and special guests
Genius of Fun Soundtrack for the Day

Baker Orchard Welcomes Cyclocross Bike Racing Sat., Oct. 4th

How about those apples? Baker Orchard welcomes Cyclocross Bike Racing Sat., Oct.4

CENTURIA—Baker Orchard will be hosting their 6th annual Minnesota Cycling Federation Cyclocross Bike Race Sat. Oct. 4, with the first event rolling off at 10:00 a.m.

Riders from all over the Midwest will be challenged by a typical cyclocross course, with barricades, run ups, mud, water, sand and even a pass through a 100 year old barn on the property every lap, making this race one for some great spectating and photo opportunities.

Relatively new as a bike racing format in the United States, cyclocross racing has been a fall signature end to the bike racing season in Europe for years. Long before mountain bikes started to appear in the United States in the early 80’s as way to enjoy biking off road, the crafty Europeans took their road bikes, fitted them with wider tires having an aggressive tread, and went out in the countryside racing off road on varied terrain courses.

The bikes have now been further improved with brake designs that work better when wet, and more clearance between the tires and the frames when the mud builds up. All the major brands offer cyclocross specific models.

The courses are set up with barricades that require riders to dismount and carry their bike over them, steep uphill sections that must be climbed on foot carrying the bike, sometimes a section through a tent filled with spectators, and on the Baker Orchard course, a section that goes through a historic century-old barn.

Riders make several laps of the course, going through the feature sections every few minutes, so watching the races is easy and action packed.

A perfect day for a cyclocross race in Belgium would have about 4 inches of wet snow on the un-frozen ground, and by the third lap it would be a mud bog, but, the weather in Centuria will be dry and warm that weekend.

Baker Orchard will be open as usual with all their fall specialties, and yes, there will be apples.

To check out an event poster with detailed start times and registration information visit: look for the calendar and click Baker Orchard


--Polk County Tourism Council

Frank Lundeen of CyclovaXC will also be there with a tent to assist riders with service issues.

Celebrating Three Years of CyclovaXC!

It's hard to believe that it's already been three years since we cut the ribbon and first opened the doors to the CyclovaXC retail store in downtown St. Croix Falls!  A lot has changed since that first day, and things have grown in a way that neither Frank nor I could have imagined. For both of us, the best part of this job has been getting to meet all the great folks who run, ride and ski in our area. I know that I've had my perspective broadened by the people who have walked through our doors, and I'm very grateful for that.

I really think of our shop as the staging point for a bunch of awesome adventures.  Whether it's a 100 mile bicycle ride, or a 6 hour trail run, or a 50 km ski in sub-freezing conditions, it's great to know a couple dozen people who will listen to your crazy proposal, smile, and say, "let's do it!"  It's also great to know a couple dozen people who will light up your phone with encouragement if ever your ambition should sag.  Emalea used to be fond of something her dad used to say, "Exercise is the best cure for what ails us."  It's true and it's good to have an extended fitness family helping to keep you on course.

We've got a lot of great events lined up.  I'm psyched about the Gandy Marathon coming on October 11th.  We'll have about 300 people participating and who knows how many spectators.  Come and do the 5k if not the half or full, the more the merrier!  Also, it's time to start thinking Fat Bike as registration for the 2nd annual Solstice Chase is open!

None of what we do at Cyclova would be possible without the hard work of our staff.  Thanks Frank, Chad, Duane, and Kristen!  Also, thanks to everyone else who has covered our register throughout the years: Emalea, Mike, Greg, Tyler, and Rick.  Finally, thanks to the local community for embracing us so fully.  We love being in St. Croix Falls and we love getting out on bike rides with everyone who comes in!

Full steam ahead ladies and gentlemen!  I feel very positively that things are only going to get bigger and better!  Again, thank all of you for making our dreams come true!  See you on the trails!