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Cyclova Roll Call For Sisu! Are you in? Comment below!

I stumbled across this great image of some carnage at the Twin Cities championships.  I love how everyone else in the picture is crumbling into a wad while Frank stands proud in the middle like he's looking to shove his pole through somebody's head.  Incidentally, the guy in the seated position to the left is the great Dave Landgraf.  I believe he picked up his Cyclova suit right after this race.  I'd been back in the US about a month when I took this.  Crazy how time flies.

Anyway!  This weekend is the Sisu Ski Festival. Word on the street is that there will be a huge contingent of Cyclova folks going up there!  Danny Kann is riding up with me, and just the presence of Danny Kann means the day will be EPIC!  We're in the midst of a cold snap, but it sounds like the weather will be at least bearable on race day (high in the teens...which is much better than high in the sub zero range).

So, if you're a member of Cyclova and you're going to Sisu, let us know.  I'm sure we'll all be eating at the Maplewood steakhouse on Friday night!  Hope to see you there!

1 comment:

  1. Lisa and I will be there - along with a bunch of other CyclovaXC'ers from the valley!