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2015 St. Valentine's Day Hustle in Menomonie

In the weeks leading up to the Birkie it's good to find a fun event to do that isn't likely to blow you up for the big race.  Tod Griffith has been raving about the upcoming St. Valentine's Day Hustle which is set to take place in Menomonie this Saturday.  Apparently this is kind of a scavenger hunt/adventure ride that sounds really low key with the emphasis on having a few laughs.  

Here's a description from the event web page:

"The St. Valentine’s Day Hustle is an annual bike race in Menomonie, WI.

The race is held as close as possible to Valentine’s Day, and is open to anyone 21+ years old. It is an alleycat style race – which means that the race consists of a set of stops, and each rider must plan their own route to get to all the stops (in any order). Bring a bike, a pen or marker, registration fee and some stamina. It is also recommended to be prepared for any circumstances (hint: bags, beers, cash, appropriate clothing & gear, and other items have come in handy in the past). Terrain may be varied, so bike selection is key! The race will usually have checkpoints around town and on lake Menomin. Each year is different, and manned stops will have any activity that you must perform in order to get your stamp."

For more information, check out the Facebook page, or join up on the Facebook event.  If you go, please send me a write-up, this looks kind of awesome!

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