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Adventure & Tech Social Series: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 12th: BIRKIE EXTRAVAGANZA!


It's Birkie Fever season!  Join us on Thursday February 12th in celebration of the coming American Birkiebeiner!

YOU'RE INVITED:  Join us  for the "2015 Birkie" installment of the Adventure & Tech Social Series at Cyclova XC, in SCF, next Thursday night (February 12) - starting at 6PM.  Don't miss it!
Features of the event:
Adventure Presentation on the Cyclova XC 17' Big Screen:  Ben "Hugh" Jonjackman will be discussing "Birkie Tips and Tricks," a slide-show presentation designed to make your Birkie experience one hundred and fifty thousand percent more awesome!  Whether you're an experienced Birkebarbarian, or a first timer, Ben "Hugh" Jonjackman GUARANTEES he will present you with some golden nugget of information you've never thought of before.
Tech Presentation (also on the big screen, this time):  Frank Lundeen, co-owner of Cyclova XC will present the 2015 American Birkiebeiner Wax Tip.  Following the discussion of the Birkie Wax Tip, Frank will present Glide Wax Application Fundamentals and beyond...  The way in which ski wax is applied is more important than the wax you put on your skis.  Learn how to maximize the time and money spent waxing your skis.  There will be plenty of time for Q & A as well!  Just in time for BIRKIE FEVER!

Complimentary beverages will be served, along with ample time for socializing between presentations!

For the full scoop on the entire Winter / Spring series of Cyclova XC Adventure & Tech Social Events, CLICK HERE
After that we'll probably all head out for a beer somewhere.  It will probably be the greatest night of your life.  Circle the calendar, there will be NO excused absences!

Frank stonegrinding a ski on Cyclova XC's Wintersteiger Micro 100 Machine - the most advance machine in Wisconsin exclusively used for tuning Nordic skis.  Photo credit to David Gabrys

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