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Busy Times On Birkie Week At Cyclova XC!

Busy times in the ski service department at Cyclova XC this week!  Stonegrinding, hotboxing, and waxing - oh my!!!
Birkie week is always one of the busiest weeks of the year at Cyclova XC - and this year is no exception!  We've been hard at work stonegrinding, hotboxing, and waxing skis for Birkie skiers of all stripes - from elite racers to first timers.  We've also been getting daily shipments of wax, gloves, apparel, toe warmers, and and more to ensure we have the products that our Birkie skiing clients need.  

But, just because it's Birkie week, normal business doesn't stop.  We're grinding a fleet of skis headed out to the XC Junior National Championships in Truckee, CA, receiving truckload shipments of bikes,  selling a bunch of sweet fat bikes, and getting in bikes to be tuned up for Spring time (which is just around the corner). 

In short, there have been a lot of short mornings, long nights, and the sweet smell of ski wax happening - and we love it!  

Following are a few reminders for our Birkie skiing friends:
  1. We can still stonegrind or wax your skis for the race, but you MUST get them in ASAP - the sooner the better.  The time has passed to get in on the early bird Birkie waxing discount, but if you get them in today, normal pricing applies - tomorrow, there is a $20 premium for all Birkie skis that come in.  CLICK HERE  for the full scoop and pricing on Cyclova XC's Birkie ski service program.  Treat yourself to the fastest skis of your life at this year's Birkie!
  2. We feel pretty good about once again nailing the Birkie Wax Tip - which was the first wax tip published for the 2015 American Birkiebeiner.  For the full scoop and detailed commentary on the wax tip, CLICK HERE.
  3. GOT WAX?  We have one of the most extensive assortments of ski wax in stock in the country, with expertise second to none - including all of the wax and advise you'll need to get your skis flying for the Birkie.  Stop on by or call to pick up the wax you need to have to get your skis running for the big day!

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