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VALENTINES DAY: Get Your Honey Something Fun At Cyclova XC!!

All sorts of casual wear is in stock at Cyclova XC - From our new team parkas, merino wool jerseys, and a huge variety of cool cycling t-shirts!

Santa isn't the only holiday icon to shop at Cyclova XC - Cupid does too!  That's right, in the words of a female customer who was just in the store (who will go un-named...  but pay attention if your last name is Mullin), "I don't want flowers and boxes of chocolate for Valentines day - get me something I can use and something that will keep me warm".  

If you think your honey might think this way, you need to make a trip on over to Cyclova XC!  We've been bringing in all sorts of cool new gear to keep your Valentine warm & stylish!  

The latest thing in is our new Team Parka by One Way.  This is a top of the line technical parka with a retail value of close to $400 - custom embroidered and at the incredible price of $200 - available in flavors for both ladies and gentlemen!  Parkas not your thing?  Check out some of the following ideas:

Locally Geared necklaces, headbands, hats, and neck warmers are perfect for your Valentine - sourced from Osceola, WI! 
Hundreds of warm yet stylish hats to choose from - including Cyclova XC logoed team hats!
Seger - the best socks in the business will keep your Valentine's feet warm!

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