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Wisconsin’s Birkebeiner Ski Race Seeks Volunteers

William Johnson is looking for Birkie aid station volunteers.  If you have friends or family that ski for Cyclova, this is by far the best way to see them and encourage them while they compete in the Birkie.  The gravel pit aid station comes right when skiers are starting to really feel the effects of the race, and a pick me up in the form of a friendly face is a huge assist!  Hope to see you out there--Ben

CABLE--In two weeks, the Olympics will come to Wisconsin in the form of the American Birkebeiner Ski Marathon, the largest ski race in the United States, Feb. 21. 

Celebrating 42 years of bringing skiers from all over the world to ski 52 kilometers from Cable to Hayward, the Birkie offers a unique opportunity to see Olympic-class athletes competing in our area. Athletes, and members of international skiing teams, who compete for their countries in Olympic years, will travel to northwest Wisconsin to ski the Birkie this year. Several million dollars are pumped into Northwest Wisconsin’s economy each year by the Birkie, and people stay as far away from Hayward as Siren, to be part of the event.

Over 12,000 skiers are registered to take part in Birkebeiner events that are held around the Hayward area Feb. 19-22.

Over two thousand volunteers are needed each year to provide liquids and on-course nutrition to the skiers during the race. There are nine food stations on the race route, spaced over the 52 kilometers, and race organizers are in need of volunteers every year to provide this support. This can be used as a community service project for most students. Volunteers receive Birkie hats and event pins, lunch, a volunteer party invitation with a chance to win door prizes. 

If you would like to be part of this rich history of the American Birkebeiner Ski Marathon, and would consider helping for a few hours on Saturday, Feb. 21, call local Birkebeiner Race Chief, William Johnson, at 715-327-4158 for more information. 

Every year there are skiers from almost all 50 States and as many as 20 Countries competing at the Birkie. This is a chance to show off the best of our country to the world. For more information on the race and its unique place in Wisconsin history visit: www.birkie.com

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