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Adventure & Tech Social Series: THURSDAY MARCH 12th at 6 p.m.- Enduro-racing & Nutritional Health for Athletes

Dr. Steve Edling enjoying the pinnacle of health and fitness.


Join us Thursday, March 12th at 6 p.m. for the third installment of our Adventure and Tech Social Series! Feature presenters this week are Lisa Thompson & Dr. Steve Edling. Do you know what that means? Thursday night is sure to be a hit! You couldn't pay for entertainment this special! Prepare for tales of zombie apocalypses and untold feats of glory! Carbs, Protein, Twinkies? Zombies don't care- But athletes SHOULD!

Lisa at EndTrails.
 Photo Credit: Wes Peck
Adventure:  Lisa Thompson, endurance athlete and Undead Hall of Famer, presents highlights of her experiences in two consecutive endurance races. Lisa is known for completing some of the regions toughest endurance events. Most recently she gritted out a 12 hour mountain bike race followed by 12 hour trail run in North Dakota, riding more than 100 miles and running over 50 miles! Check out these events at ENDracing!

Dr. Steve Edling 
post Birkie 2015

Tech: Dr. Steve Edling will give an overview of nutrition and training tips for athletes of all disciplines and will equip you with the tools to remain healthy and injury-free for your big race! He'll discuss current data on protein versus carbohydrates for training and how food is the foundation for your performance and health. Use his tips and tricks to accelerate to the front of the pack!

Complimentary beverages will be served, along with ample time for socializing between presentations!

For the full scoop on the entire Winter / Spring series of Cyclova XC Adventure and Tech Social Events, CLICK HERE

Lisa at "End Tombed" enduro-race. Can zombies cross bridges? Photo Credit: Wes Peck

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