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CyclovaXC Team Gear Re-Order!

You can buy the have to EARN the beardcicle!
Hey Folks!

I'll be putting in a team gear order shortly so I thought I'd call out and see if anyone else is interested in picking some stuff up.

I've asked Podiumwear to send us a sizing kit for a WSD ski suit. That's still up in the air, but if enough people like them, then I'll design a suit (it will look something like the orange jerseys). I'll announce on Facebook when that arrives.  The green suits are still (and will remain) available.

For a complete list of designs and pricing of Cyclova gear, check here.

We have a limited amount of our team gear at the store for sizing. Otherwise check the Mt. Borah sizing chart here (our stuff is the "Team" cut).

Send your order specifying size, style, color, and men's or women's design to:

Thanks! And don't forget to sign up for the Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon and the Solstice Chase!

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