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Help Keep the Gandy Dancer Trail Non-Motorized, Tue., March 17th, 6PM

Hello Folks,

We need a massive show of support in order to keep the Gandy Dancer trail a non-motorized trail for the summer.  Personally, with the dangers of drivers (especially texting drivers) I think it's wonderful that we and our families have a safe trail to ride bicycles on. However, there is always pressure to open the Gandy up to motorized use in the summer, despite the fact that existing areas for ATV use far outnumber non-motorized trails like the Gandy.

Tuesday, March 17th at 6PM the Polk County Board will be discussing adding some special permits to open the Gandy to motorized use. The meeting will be open for public comment. If you are a fan of a "silent" Gandy Dancer, please go and show your support.

The meeting will be at:

Polk County Government Center
100 Polk County Plaza | Balsam Lake, WI 54810 
[directions] | Phone: 715-485-9226

Tuesday, March 17th at 6PM

If you can't attend, please send a letter to all of the following:

William Johnson
Dana Frey

Here's an example of the letter I wrote:

Benjamin Jonjak
Vice-President CyclovaXC (retail bicycle and ski shop in St. Croix Falls)
Co-Race Director Gandy Dancer Trail Marathon
Co-Event Director Mammoth Gravel Classic
112 N. Washington St.
St. Croix Falls, WI. 54024

To Whom It May Concern,

As a local business owner and co-director of three of the largest events of the region, I would like to express my strong disapproval over the proposal to allow additional motorized vehicle use on the Gandy Dancer trail. Such use would have an extremely detrimental effect on CyclovaXC as well as the events which we organize to bring tourists to the region. Furthermore, there is such a proliferation of roads open to motorized use already, that it is not reasonable to assume opening the Gandy to motorized vehicles would lead to any increase in tourism or the associated tourist revenue for the region.

I have seen firsthand how allowing motorized vehicles on a trail such as the Gandy Dancer makes that trail impassable for cyclists. Also, one of the major draws of The Gandy Dancer Marathon (which raised $3000 for the Luck Fire Department last year) is the pristine nature of the trail. We are already anticipating major growth and we believe this could become one of the premier marathons in the state. Do not underestimate the financial effect of a popular silent sports event. A recent study indicated the American Birkebeiner ski race had an economic impact of 32 million dollars annually.

At CyclovaXC we dedicate a large amount of our personal time towards the economic growth and development of the region. It is our opinion that opening the Gandy Dancer Trail to additional motorized vehicle use would be extremely detrimental to our efforts and have a negative economic impact on the region.

Thanks for your support!


  1. I have seen first-hand the injuries that can occur when a motorized vehicle collides with someone on a trail.

    Shared-use is scared-use.

  2. I would alert all to read a letter to the editor in This weeks County Leader (April 29th)., Penned by Mark Pettis. In it he delivers a cherry picked version of Atver's needs and rights as well as a complete distortion of the facts regarding Cyclists tax/permit contributions to the Gandy Dancers maintenance and financial existence. This letter is representational of the struggle cyclists will face in the future of the absolute removal of a safe, quiet trail usage free of dangerous interactions between motorized sports users and ourselves., I remind all that ATV'ers have legal access to a large percentage of not just township roads but village streets. The motor sports mentality is so skewed with distortions of their needs and rights that they are starting to gain a foothold and gaining public sentiment....Get up in your saddle and make yourself heard.

    1. Could you please take a picture of that letter the editor with your cell phone and send it to me at I'd like to read it and reply possibly.