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Sasquatch Dash Trail Run Series 2017

Hey Everyone!
Another year, another season of Sasquatch Dashes! There are some big changes this year as Ben Mullin is focusing on the bike in 2017 (although I still hope/expect him to show up at a couple events). Ben has always done a tremendous job organizing these runs and he leaves some big shoes to fill. Stepping in will be the team of Steve Clark and Tammi Braund (and perhaps some others for single events). As always we're planning a great summer of events that are closer to races than group training runs and all for the low, low cost of ZERO! Fine Print: note that although there is no cost to be a part of the Sasquatch Dash series, there are some local events that are included in the series schedule for bonus points which are paid events. However, it is mathematically possible to win the series without doing the bonus events.

As always, you can get ahead on scoring by ordering a T-Shirt (you receive 10 event points for pre-order, 5 for ordering after). $15 for Pre order and $20 once they're hanging on the rack (please do the pre-order, it's much easier for me). Funds from the T-shirts help us cover the minimal event costs. You can drop off a payment at the shop. Or send a check payable to CyclovaXC to: Ben Jonjak / 510 N. High St. / Chippewa Falls WI 54729:

What is the Sasquatch Dash?

The Sasquatch Dash is a FREE, no-frills trail running series to show off some of the awesome terrain of the St. Croix Valley as well as provide an economical way to get some high intensity workouts. Everyone is welcome, but these are casual events on non-closed courses—so it's up to you to be on your best behavior.

This year we'll be organizing 4 runs ranging from approximately 10 KM to 25 KM, and there will be 2 local events you can do to earn points. All participants will be required to sign a waiver. Our race series is named after Sasquatch, don't expect to be coddled out there—if you want something to drink you better carry a water bottle; if you want to know your time you better be wearing a watch; if you want to know where you're going—you better keep up with the guy/gal in the lead (presuming s/he knows).

Series Rules:

Points are earned based on overall placing at each run for men and women. 1st-20, 2nd-15, 3rd-12, 4th-10, 5th-9,...13th and beyond-1. Points will be doubled for the 25k series finale.

The finish line will be a clipboard with a pen tied to it. Participants will be required to fill in their name on the sheet in their finishing order.

Your series score is the sum of all your scores from the run series plus bonus points. This is different from last year. Now every point you get out there counts!

You can also earn 10 bonus points by pre-ordering our series T-shirt or 5 points by buying one after the pre-order period.

Event Details:

Start time is 9:00 AM (unless it's an event not organized by CyclovaXC).

Course marking will be cue sheets and GPX files you can upload to your GPS device. Keep your eyes peeled for future blog posts about the specific races, or follow us on Facebook.

Individual Event Details (future race locations will be announced with the results of the previous race):

Run 1:
Date: 5/6 and 5/7
The calendar fell a little strange this year and events that are usually on subsequent weekends have been bunching up. Usually we like to have a first race in April, but a lot of our runners do the Chippewa 50k and then Seven Lakes and Eau Claire. We'd really like to have our local athletes participate in the Seven lakes Half Marathon because that event helps fund one of the great silent trails of our area. This is a FINISH ONLY bonus point run, so if you don't feel you're ready to do a half, just sign up, run 10KM and then walk in (you'll surprise yourself). We hope to include Seven Lakes Half Marathon in the future.
Event Name: Seven Lakes Half Marathon OR Eau Claire Marathon (one or the other...not both)
Location: Amery or Eau Claire
Please confirm your participation and send an email to: bj@cyclovaxc.com to get your race points.

Run 2:
Date: 5/27
Time: Race start 9AM
Location: A typical Sasquatch Run leaving CyclovaXC. Further details to be announced as race approaches.

Run 3:
Date: 6/10
This is a paid event (but it's usually very inexpensive) and it's really well run. Early bird pricing ends at the end of April so register now! Like last year we are going to offer bonus points for this one. 15 points for finishing the half, 10 points for finishing the 10k, and 5 points for finishing the 5k.  Just let Ben (bj@cyclovaxc.com) know so we can check your results and tally your points.

Run 4:
Date: 7/8

Time: Race Start 9AM

Location: A typical Sasquatch Run leaving CyclovaXC. Further details to be announced as race approaches

Run 5:
Date: 8/12
Time: Race Start 9AM
Location: A typical Sasquatch Run leaving CyclovaXC. Further details to be announced as race approaches

Run 6:
Date: 9/2
Time: Race Start 9AM
25k and POT LUCK starting and finishing at Lion's Park.

AWESOME! See y'all on the trails!

Making Sasquatch noises or dressing up like Sasquatch is encouraged. Keep your eyes peeled for more information (and for Sasquatch...he's out there)!

2013 Sasquatch Series Summary:

2014 Sasquatch Series Summary:

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