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!!2016 Cyclova XC Wednesday Night Sprint Rides!!

Join the Wednesday night crew for the Cyclova XC Wednesday Night Sprint Ride!  Inclusive for all levels road riders on quiet country roads!
That's right folks, the 2016 weekly Wednesday Cyclova Sprint Rides are back on - starting  (June 15th), and continuing until the end of August. Please join us at the shop at 6 PM for a fantastic workout!

We've been doing road bike sprint rides for decades - and when done right, we've realized that they can be both fun and challenging for all levels of road riders - from seasoned elites through beginners!  This is our goal with the Cyclova XC Wednesday night sprint ride!
The Cyclova XC Group Sprint Road Ride is a carefully engineered affair - with the goal of being INCLUSIVE to all road riders on road bikes.  We have made some changes to this year's route, with safety being the #1 goal.  Following are the basics of the ride:
  • We have a great 33.6 mile generally undulating course. Click HERE for the Strava Route File - an interactive map, details, and click HERE to view the printable version of this file - including que sheet.  
  • There is a beautiful 9 mile warm up along the majestic St. Croix River on beautiful River Road.  Then, we have 6 sprints in the same location every week (again see the map for the locations).  These sprints vary from high speed flat sprints to challenging climbs throughout the final 23 miles of the ride.
  • This is a casual group ride until we are within about 1 mile of each sprint line.  If we are within 1 mile of the sprint, anything goes.  Feel like going for it early - break away style?  Great!   Feel like playing cat & mouse, looking at everyone else until 50 meters before the line?  Great!  Just want to play it cool and ride easy during the spring?  Great!  Each sprint is a race simulation, and racing is unpredictable - as is the case with this sprint ride. 
  • After each sprint line, EVERYONE slows down until everyone re-groups and recovers.  We ride together easily until we are within 1 mile of the next sprint where the games start all over again!
  • Overall average speed varies based on the group present, but is usually between 14mph and 17mph - but the sprints are always intense.

These Wednesday night sprint rides are meant for all levels of road riders - but road bikes are strongly recommended.  Whether you're a seasoned racer or curious about doing group road rides - this ride is for you!  Come join us and be a part of it - and join us afterward for the dinner & drinks that usually follow at the establishment of our choice!

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  1. For those of us where everyday is a Saturday (i.e. retired)would Cyclova be willing to help organize a ride during a weekday for "older", but experienced riders, this upcoming year?